Maddie & Tae are an American female country music duo composed of Maddie Font (née Marlow) and Tae Kerr (née Dye), both of whom are singers, songwriters, and guitarists. The duo was signed to the revived Dot Records in 2014. Their debut album, Start Here, was released on August 28, 2015, and includes the singles "Girl in a Country Song", "Fly", "Shut Up and Fish", and "Sierra". Following the closure of Dot, they signed to Mercury Nashville in 2018. They released their second studio album The Way It Feels for this label in April 2020, and the first part of their third studio album, Through The Madness in 2022.

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    Life's Joke #1

    An ideal representation of everyone's journey iit
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    Walkout Jpeg.

    di nagbubuhos
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    Tae nang yan Hahaha

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    Tae o cake ??

    Hidden content
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    Tae po' este, Tao po...

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    Puro tae at ihi kayo kasi!

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