A software bug is an error, flaw or fault in the design, development, or operation of computer software that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways. The process of finding and correcting bugs is termed "debugging" and often uses formal techniques or tools to pinpoint bugs. Since the 1950s some computer systems have been designed to deter, detect or auto-correct various computer bugs during operations.
Bugs in software can arise from mistakes and errors made in interpreting and extracting users' requirements, planning a program's design, writing its source code, and from interaction with humans, hardware and programs, such as operating systems or libraries. A program with many, or serious, bugs is often described as buggy. Bugs can trigger errors that may have ripple effects. The effects of bugs may be subtle, such as unintended text formatting, through to more obvious effects such as causing a program to crash, freezing the computer, or causing damage to hardware. Other bugs qualify as security bugs and might, for example, enable a malicious user to bypass access controls in order to obtain unauthorized privileges.Some software bugs have been linked to disasters. Bugs in code that controlled the Therac-25 radiation therapy machine were directly responsible for patient deaths in the 1980s. In 1996, the European Space Agency's US$1 billion prototype Ariane 5 rocket was destroyed less than a minute after launch due to a bug in the on-board guidance computer program. In 1994, an RAF Chinook helicopter crashed, killing 29; this was initially blamed on pilot error, but was later thought to have been caused by a software bug in the engine-control computer. Buggy software caused the early 21st century British Post Office *******, the most widespread miscarriage of justice in British legal history.In 2002, a study commissioned by the US Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology concluded that "software bugs, or errors, are so prevalent and so detrimental that they cost the US economy an estimated $59 billion annually, or about 0.6 percent of the gross domestic product".

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    Help Messenger bug

    May alam kayo fix pob. Eto?
  2. V

    Android App UPDATED YøùTùbé Vanced & YøùTùbé Revance with MicroG update (Buffering Bug FIX)

    YøùTùbé ReVanced Mod APK is a modified version that includes features such as Background Playback, Ad-Free content, SponsorBlock, Return YøùTùbé Dislike, and others. Hidden content
  3. L

    Feedback PhCorner Bug?

    Bug kaya to? Tumabingi yung profile ko dito. Kahit i-refresh ganun pa din.
  4. P


    Hidden content
  5. S

    Help Globe Bug?

    Pag need ko ng data eto lng niloload ko and maexpire nmn sya agad ng 1 hour but kahapon until now may data ako wala nmn ako niloload
  6. H


  7. I

    Bug Bounty

    Hidden content
  8. J

    Tools May bug ba hindi ko makuha free legendary gun?

    Meron nako 100 card, papano ba makuha ang free legendary gun m4?
  9. K

    Vivo Y11 big apk installation bug

    Lumiit internal storage ko dahil sa package installer bug. -Nag failed yung big apk game (2GB) na iniinstall ko. -Di ko na-clear yung malaking cache sa package installer (pero minsan automatic naman nacleclear yun), tapos nagtry akong iinstall ulet tapos failed ulet. -Pag tingin ko sa storage...
  10. I

    VPN Bug host 2024

    Scanning Bughost Axisnet Edukasi 2024 Created By Boychongzen aka Xroot Hidden content This is not my work. Credit to the rightful owner.
  11. W

    G·TM Bug tm

    Fb10 lang po unli ko pero nakakapag YøùTùbé po ako tapos hindi po nababawasan MB ng fb ko... Sa kasama ko po wala siya load pero nakakapag internet.. luzon area
  12. L

    Help Super Xclusive bug?

    Nag bug yung load ko, pa expired na yung old go+99 ko tapos may natitira pang 1gb na goshare data. Pag ka register ko sa bagong go+99, parang nag reset tapos nagpatong dun sa bago kong load yung dating goshare hahahhaa
  13. G

    Help Gomo Sim or Network System Bug

    Kayo lang ba O ako lang?. Everytime na naka Data ako then Switch to wifi Then later pag babalik na ako ng Data ayaw na Gumana ng Data, Need pa i Off Sim okaya Reboot. Sim problem ba to O System na ng Phone ko? OPPO A9 2020 unit. TIA
  14. L

    Bug sim

    Meron akong tnt sim Naka pag net ng walang load at di rin naka konek sa vpn Bug kaya
  15. P

    Help May DNS Bug kayo Jan

    Para lang sa gagawin Kong config Yung gumagana Sana salamat pa hide nalang sakin mga idolo
  16. G

    Help Sts slowdns bug ip

    Mga lods pahingi po bug ip Ng slow DNS ni sts
  17. P

    Help Bughost for funaliw149

    Ano po bughost for unlifunaliw149 kung ssl/tls ang method
  18. D

    Tutorial Weekly Diamonds bug

    Ako lang ba naka experience nito. Nag recharge ako ng weekly pass sa Mobapay at Jollimax. Pinagsabay ko sa pc at phone ko yung recharge tapos eto nangyare
  19. P

    Naka experience din ba kayo ng ganito?

    sino naka experience nito sa cp?
  20. K

    S·T·S Please sni bug host smart or golbe

    please sni bug host smart or golbe I want to use 4G häçking through having smart or globe's sni bug host, thank you everyone.
  21. A

    Closed Closed

  22. J

    DITO Noload Need Bug Sim

    kung walang browse punta lang sa setting ng app hanapin ang Primary DNS Hidden content
  23. P

    G·TM Gl0b3 bug hostnames

    Hidden content
  24. L

    Help Smart Unlinet Bug

    Legit ba smart bug unlinet 700pesos load??
  25. I

    Bug ba to ?

    ako lang ba nakaka experience nito, share your thoughts po
  26. C

    VPN How do i find Tanzania SNI BUG HOST?

    where can i find East Africa (Tanzania ) sni bug host ?
  27. K

    Help Rounded TB Bug

    pa help naman po. nafix nyo po ba yung rounded TB taskbar nyo? after kasi ng windows update bigla nalang nag loloko. nawawala yung apps
  28. I

    Help Facebook Bug

    Good evening everyone sana po may makatulong sa problema ko sinubukan ko na i-search sa google as well as sa YT ang mga possible solution dito and nothing works for me :( The problem is my facebook 2 Step-Authentication is enabled then lagi kasi ako naglalaro sa comshop so lagi nagrerequire ang...
  29. P

    Help ML Dodge Bug 2023

    sino po nakakaalam dito ng unli dodge bug sa lobby? paturo po kung paano siya gawin. need lang po para mabilis matapos pagpa pilot ko. salamat po
  30. M

    Help NEW Facebook Bug Enable 2-Factor Stuck (Need Help)

    Pagka off ko ng 2 factor ito lumabas. Stuck siya diyan since last September pa issue ng FB ko. Whenever pinipindot ko yang "Enable Two-Factor Authentication", stuck lang siya diyan wala nangyayare. I tried the following: forgot pw via gmail login using desktop site facebook web login using PC...
  31. I

    Help Tanong lang po kung totoo ba yung nag aalok ng bug sim 700 load daw at 7months na magagamit. Nag dadalawang isip ko kung mag avail ako

    Tanong lang po kung totoo ba yung nag aalok ng bug sim 700 load daw at 7months na magagamit. Nag dadalawang isip ko kung mag avail ako
  32. B

    S·T·S No Load bug hosts list

    try the following sites... Hidden content Hidden content Hidden content Hidden content Hidden content Hidden content [/HIDEREACT] Hidden content
  33. H

    Help About go+99 bug

    Nangyari na po ba sa inyo yung bug na dumodoble minsan yung data pagkatapos magregister ng go+99? May tricks kaya dito o random bug lang talaga?
  34. S

    Help Type saga bug help mga code yung nalabas, baka kaya niyo gawan ng tricks to HAHA

    may bug yung typesaga mga idol html code yata to eh pag claim ko sa ng points sa referral ganito yung nalabas pwede kaya gawan ng tricks to?? gamitan ng cøøkíé edtor kaya lang di ko alam pano HAHA ito yung mga code nakuha ko phc.onl/#forbidden# - Share Text & Images the Easy Way
  35. X


  36. P


    📢Hello PHCorner Admins, If you want to remove this Thread, Please Contact me by messaging me or by leaving a comment on the Thread you believe infringes on your rights and I will remove it quickly Again if you wanna take down my Thread that truly affecting you then please Contact me then I will...
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  38. A

    G·TM Mayroon ka bang bug host para sa totoong network sa Thailand? Gusto kong magtanong, mangyaring.

    Mayroon ka bang bug host para sa totoong network sa Thailand? Gusto kong magtanong, mangyaring.
  39. I

    S·T·S Bug kaya ??

    kaka activate ko lang mg smart using eSIM sa iphone ko tapos may mb agad ako?
  40. E

    Help App bug

    Mga mam and sir paano po ma fix yung app bug? Nag clear data and clear cache na po ako ganun padin, ayaw mag open ng app. Advance thank you po!
  41. H

    Help Xiaomi/Poco app size Bug?

    normal ba to mga pap? yung mga app size nila umaabot na ng 90mb eh dapat nasa 300kb lang to. patulong naman mga paps paano ibalik sa dati yung mga size nila.
  42. P

    Help BUG HOST?

    May nahanap ako na 3 bughost pero di ko pa na test if working. Patulong mga boss pano magset up.