Stupidity is a lack of intelligence, understanding, reason, or wit. It may be innate, assumed or reactive. The word stupid comes from the Latin word stupere. Stupid characters are often used for comedy in fictional stories. Walter B. Pitkin called stupidity "evil", but in a more Romantic spirit William Blake and Carl Jung believed stupidity can be the mother of wisdom.

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    When they tell you they felt stupid when you're around...

    : 🤣🤣 Yea.. most likely.😌
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    Direct Link MY STUPID HEART X RAVE 2023

    Electro House EDM mash 2023
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    I stupid stupid love

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    It's a stupid argument

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    Young dumb stupid.

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    Im not stupid

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    Closed About Cheating Topics

    Pwede bang tanggalin o ipagbawal nalang ang mga cheats software na topic dito sa phc? dahil para sakin di magandang topic to karamihan iba dito mga gamers im talking about cheat sa mga online games.
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    Closed All network payload tnt at smart sun gtm pasok!!

    Denelete nyo nanaman thread ko di uso freedom of speech dito hindi nyo pwede idelete to may ibabahagi ako wala na kayo sa katwiran yang mga mahilig mag report dyan magsabi muna kayo kung anong dahilan bat nyo ko nireport sabihin nyo muna rason nyo bago report wag manaksak patalikod masyado...
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    Closed Help and request: stupid forever

    Saan po pwede mag download ng ebook na Stupid Forever ni Madam Sen. Miriam Santiago Defensor ..? Un hard copy ko po kasi naarbor asa malayong lugar di ko n mahagilap... gusto ko po sana mabasa kc ndi ko natapos un.. @ R.I.P to our great Senator Defensor
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    Attention admins and mod

    You guys dis allowed me to share popslide alike gigs and apps... And now YOU HAVE ALLOWED A LOTS OF OF MEMBERS TO POST POPSLIDE ALIKE APP.. The whaff shit... I have tried those things and havent shared that here because you have said stop sharing popslide like... Ans you are just...