nova launcher

Nova was a series of NASA rocket designs that were proposed both before and after the Saturn V rocket used in the Apollo program. Nova was NASA's first large launcher proposed in 1958, for missions similar to what Saturn V was subsequently used for. The Nova and Saturn V designs closely mirrored each other in basic concept, power, size, and function. Differences were minor but practical, and the Saturn was ultimately selected for the Apollo program, largely because it would reuse existing facilities to a greater extent and could make it to the pad somewhat earlier.
During a series of post-Apollo studies in the late 1960s, considerations for a crewed mission to Mars revealed the need for boosters much larger than Apollo's, and a new series of designs with as many as eight Rocketdyne F-1 engines were developed under the Nova name (along with the Saturn MLV). The image of the Nova C8 is commonly used as a representative of the entire Nova series, and many references to Nova refer specifically to these post-Apollo versions. The two series of designs were essentially separate, but shared their name. Thus, "Nova" does not refer to a specific rocket design, just a rocket larger than the Saturn V in most cases. Nova was the name used by NASA in the early 1960s for a super booster in the 10 to 20 million pound thrust range.

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  1. Nova Launcher in Phoenix OS

    Nova Launcher in Phoenix OS

    Sa wakas napagana ko na rin PC ko. Phoenix OS, anyone?
  2. W

    Help Nova launcher mas nakaka-drain ba ng battery kaysa default launcher?

    Sino gumagamit ng nova launcher or kahit anong launcher kumusta experience ninyo sa battery management niya? Kumunat ba? Bumilis mag drain ang battery? Same lang sila? Gusto ko kasi ayusin phone kahit NO ROOT ito kaya lang di ako sigurado kung may battery issue sa paaggamit ng launcher