internet cafe

An Internet café, also known as a cybercafé, is a café (or a convenience store or a fully dedicated Internet access business) that provides Internet access to the public. The fee for using a computer is generally charged as a time-based rate.

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    Help Help bypass wifi 2hr time limit

    Baka Meron kayong tips paano mag bypass ng 2hr time limit
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    Help Internet Cafe yung sa games

    Meron pa ba mga buhay na internet cafe sa pasay?
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    Help Cafe timer

    The best internet cafe timer apps for windows10: Any suggestion po?
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    Closed Sino may cc boot?

    pwede pahingi? or link na lang if may torrent pa nito na working... or sinong may magandang kalooban dyan na bibigyan ako ng file paki PM or paste here. needed so bad.
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    Closed Ano plan po sa pldt ang maganda sa computer shops/internet cafe?

    Balak ko po magtayo ng Computer shop sa amin. anong plan po sa PLDT ang maganda for Browsing and Gaming? yung tipong habang nag yYøùTùbé hindi nag lalag sa Game. TIA
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    Closed How to get unlimited time in the internet café's

    How to get unlimited time in Internet Café's Today we're going to learn how to disable the timer on the computers in Internet Cafe's. Let's go through the steps, shall we? 1. Create a New Text Document. 2. Then type CMD in it. 3. And then save it as anything.bat (Make sure the file do NOT end on...