Grasshoppers are a group of insects belonging to the suborder Caelifera. They are among what is possibly the most ancient living group of chewing herbivorous insects, dating back to the early Triassic around 250 million years ago.
Grasshoppers are typically ground-dwelling insects with powerful hind legs which allow them to escape from threats by leaping vigorously. As hemimetabolous insects, they do not undergo complete metamorphosis; they hatch from an egg into a nymph or "hopper" which undergoes five moults, becoming more similar to the ãdül† insect at each developmental stage. The grasshopper hears through the tympanal organ which can be found in the first segment of the abdomen attached to the thorax; while its sense of vision is in the compound eyes, the change in light intensity is perceived in the simple eyes (ocelli). At high population densities and under certain environmental conditions, some grasshopper species can change color and behavior and form swarms. Under these circumstances, they are known as locusts.
Grasshoppers are plant-eaters, with a few species at times becoming serious pests of cereals, vegetables and pasture, especially when they swarm in the millions as locusts and destroy crops over wide areas. They protect themselves from predators by camouflage; when detected, many species attempt to startle the predator with a brilliantly-coloured wing-flash while jumping and (if ãdül†) launching themselves into the air, usually flying for only a short distance. Other species such as the rainbow grasshopper have warning coloration which deters predators. Grasshoppers are affected by parasites and various diseases, and many predatory creatures feed on both nymphs and adults. The eggs are subject to attack by parasitoids and predators.
Grasshoppers have had a long relationship with humans. Swarms of locusts can have devastating effects and cause famine, having done so since Biblical times. Even in smaller numbers, the insects can be serious pests. They are used as food in countries such as Mexico and Indonesia. They feature in art, symbolism and literature. The study of grasshopper species is called acridology.

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    Grasshopper na ko?

    Goodnews po ba ito? ano po meaning hehe
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    Help Does a Grasshopper being restricted to access Earn and Referral / Prefix thread?

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    ano pa po gagawin para maging established?
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    Help Grasshopper status?

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    Help Grasshopper Status

    Hello po, Im pretty much new, I've already read the Estab requirements, pero ano po itong grasshopper status ? Im still confused pa rin po.
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    Closed ano po sunod sa grasshopper

    mga boss ano po sunod sa grasshopper
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    Closed Spotify (Grasshopper celebration ko!)

    HAHAHAHAHAH mamimigay po ako ng 10 grasshopper ay este spotify freemium 2months account sa first 10 coments hihi
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    Closed From linta to tipaklong congrats to me!

    grasshopper na din
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    Closed Yess grasshopper na ako!!!

    Sa wakas nakapag grasshopper narin Hahahaha Road to stab
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    Closed Grashopper nko

    Pano po maging established member
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    Closed From grasshopper to enthusiast

    mga idols mga ilang oras/araw bago po ako maging enthusiast. salamat ng mdami!
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    Closed Grasshopper

    Ano pong kasunod ng grasshopper?
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    Globe promo H@ck90 try no lang Kase saakin working
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    Closed Established request

    Finally, established member na ako balang araw. With a 5 post request for tutorial ako daily. Don't worry, Pag ako naging Established. Maglalapag naman ako ng Ethical tutorials. :P
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    G·TM Tipaklong na ako!

    Yesss! Isa na akong tipaklong! Konting tambling nalang establishment na! Wish ko lang pooo hahahaha ❤
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    Closed Pahelp mag pa estab

    Mga sir bakit po 30 posts na po ako grasshopper plang po ako. slamat po sa mga tutulong :D :D
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    Need GS Parin Paps⚡ GTM(Try Other Networks) Open For⬇ Rooted/Non-Rooted⚡ Wifi/Data⚡ Rules⬇ NO DDOS NO häçkING/CARDING NO REPOST Nasa Loob Na Yung Ibang Info Link⬇ Like And Feedback For More Updates⚡ HAHAHA Tulog Na Nga Akoo...
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    Closed Established user?

    Anong bagong rules para maging Established user? Nakalagay sa akin kasi Grasshopper...
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    Closed Easy

    Kanina grasshopper lang ako ngayon journeyman na. :) 30 days nalang:)
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    Closed Ano po tung grasshopper?

    Ano po ibig sabihin? Hehe
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    Closed Established

    I'm a member po since Jan 14, 2017 i admit I'm busy for several months up . I have already posted/commented 40+ why I'm not still an established member. Enlighten me please ty :)
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    Closed Need assistance

    Pa tulong naman po, established na po ako pero bakit hindi ko parin nakikita yung mga naka spoiler?
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    Ano po young grasshopper? bigla lang pong napalitan yung leecher sa profile ko.
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    help me po how to become an ESTABLISHED MEMBER THANK U PO MWAH
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    Good evening to all, Guys pa help naman po ako , sino po yung mga biñan area , pahingi namn po ako ng ehi na pang ML or downloads :))) maraming salamt mga ka phc
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    Thanks PHC for awarding me as grasshopper member.
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    Level 1 na po ako dito (grasshopper na yata tawag dito), established member na po ba ako?
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    Thank you mha paps.. Idol... Master at mga ka ph....
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    Closed Grasshopper na uli

    Thank you mha paps.. Idol... Master at mga ka ph....
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    Free internet till the end of the world

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    Pa-bati naman po ako. Hehe! Thank you!
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    30 post ba ang post? Di counted ang ang reply post?
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    . .ty po PHC, ano po ibig sabihin pag gnun?
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    Nakareceive na ako ng notif that I've been awarded as an established member. Pero pag nagvview ako ng mga spoiler, nakalagay "only an established member can see spoilers" HELP PO. Thanks mga ka PhC!!
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    tanong lang po. pag grasshopper na po ba established member na? thanks po sa sasagot. more power kaphc