Radio 1: Established 1967 is a compilation album consisting of covers especially recorded for BBC Radio 1 by a number of artists to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the radio station. There are 40 songs recorded by 40 different artists (a little bit more than 40, since there are some duets). Each artist was given a year, and were allowed to cover a song from that year. The only exception to this was the Kaiser Chiefs – since they were given 1967, they had to cover "Flowers in the Rain" by the Move, which was the first song played on Radio 1. The album was released on 1 October 2007. The Raconteurs appear as the only band to cover a song, and have one of their own songs covered.
Not all the years correspond to the original year of release, e.g. 1968, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1997 and 1999. The songs were, however, remixed or re-released in those years.

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    Help Established

    Medyo matagal na din pala ako dito, at medyo matagal na din yung pagbabalik to established member. Thanks sa PHC madami akong natututunan
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    Friendly Reminder

    Friendly reminder guys. Sana makatulong :) 1. Be Kind to Yourself: Remember to treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you would offer a friend. 2. Practice Gratitude: Take a moment each day to appreciate the good things in your life, no matter how small they may seem. 3. Embrace...
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    Help Established

    nagawa ko na requirements and matagal na din dito dipa din ako established
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    Help Pa established

    paano po makabalik sa pagiging established?
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    Help Established Member

    New to PHC po. Di ko po alam pano maging established member. Anyone help me. Thank you
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    Established member

    How to become an established member po?
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    Established how

    paano po ma established ng mabilis mga sir and mam
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    Lost my established role

    Sadge I lost mine, I haven't been active lately so thatd probably why
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    Help Paano po mabalik ang pagiging established po?

    Sana may makatulong po nawala kasi pagiging estab ko thanks in advance
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    Help Paano maging Established Member

    Baka sakaling hindi na maging bulag. 😅
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    Help Di na ulit Established..

    Hello po Ka-PHC! Tanong ko lang kung pa'no mag-maintain ng Established? May kailangan ba na minimum post or kailangan active posting every month para tuloy tuloy ang status? Kailangan ba ng contribution post monthly? Anong reasons na ma-demote? Salamat po sa mga sasagot.
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    Help How to gain back my established?

    PTPA, ilang days po nawawala yung established pag di nagiging active? Thannks
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    Help Established members

    im new here so i don't realy get that Established members, so can anyone help me to do it??
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    Help Paano nga po ulit mabalik Established badge?

    naging inactive po kasi :>, tyia
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    Hello paano PO mag established po

    Di KO PO kasi Alam e
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    Help Paano maging established meamber.

    Mga lodi paano mag change ng bans frequency ng B535-932 na hindi full admin kong hindi ka established meamber?
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    Help Established Member

    Gaano karaming araw ang dapat kong maging isang aktibong miyembro na maging isang itinatag na miyembro?
  18. S


    Paano ma established mga master na mabilis?
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    Established na

    Sa wakas na estab narin󱢏
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    Help Established

    rainy days guys. ask lang bat nawawala n nmn ung pging established ko, always naman ako active kay phcor. bat kaya ganon. salamat.
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    Closed Established na rin!

    Yeehhheeeey Estab na rin! Late Celebration hahaha Actually nung Friday pa to dapat.. :ROFLMAO:
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    Help Forum Veteran Elite to Eternal Poster Established

    Sakit naman nun forum veteran elite na ako biglang naging eternal poster established nasaan ang hustisya kung kailan naging active ako😭
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    Help Established

    hello kusa po ba nwawala ung established ,kht active naman da comment sections? or need po may post din ? slamat . nawala kse uli 🤣✌️
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    Help Ilang points para maging established ulit?

    Ilang points para kaging established ulit?
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    All Area (LUZVIMINDA) No Need IP HUNT 1 month expiration o else can be deleted if something illegally doin' by using this server Inbox me for PASSWORD but only those ESTABLISHED or with a rank ETERNAL,HONORARY,VETERAN, and UP can get my password..
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    Ask lang

    bkt nawawala established ko di lang makacomment ng ilan days?
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    Help Question about PH Corner Profile Tagged as Established or Elite

    Hello good evening po mga ma'am/sir... Ask ko lang po regarding sa tag ng profile ano po ba ang mas mauuna established or elite? May kasunod po ba after either of both tags? Baka may babasahin po kayo beke nemen? Para ho maliwanagan din po kaming mga newbie hehehe... excited na po kasi akong...
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    Trivia Mga Updates at Pangyayari sa PHCorner | 2023

    Good day sa lahat! Para maiwasan ang duplicate threads, I'll compile the changes made in this site as of April, 2023. Ito ay para sa mga kababalik lang sa site, baguhan, at unaware sa mga pangyayari rito. 1.) Ang rankings ay hindi na iba-base sa mga posts/comments mo kundi sa trophy points na...
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    Help PHC Elite Status and Established

    Magandang araw po sa lahat. Na notice nyo din po ba nangyayari sa PHC lately til today? Bigla nawala estab status ko saka elite. Sana magawan ng paraan at maibalik elite status ko. 😢🙏
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    Help Paanu para di malawa pagiging establish?

    paanu ba para di mawala pagka establish, kase lagi ak0ng bumabalik sa pagiging n0n establish. salamat mga paps
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    Help Elite to established

    Bakit naging established ulit ako? tapos may minus points pa ? kaka elite ko lang kahapon e.
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    Help Established member

    Paanu po ulit maging established member at paanu magkatrophy
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    Help Establish

    Ano pa ba yung kulang ko para maestablish? Need help mga bossing hehe
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    pa estab lng tnx
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    ELITE comeback here

    paadvance congrats nmn dyan mga master hehehe
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    Established na me hehehe

    pacongrats nmn dyan mga master hehehe anung meron kaya sa established
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    Help Ano difference ng Elite sa Contributor?

    Bukod sa kulay, may different features po ba yung dalawa?
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    Pa Established po maraming salamat <3
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    Feedback Established > Elite > Contributor: From required posts to new requirement "trophy points".

    Ano sa palagay nyo ang sakto lang na required Trophy points para sa mga group na yan? Groups Previous requirement New trophy❓ Established 30 posts 8 points Elite 500 posts 512 points Contributor 10,000 posts 8,192 points The same sa Forum Contributor user title rank: User title...
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    Help Poll for established member

    Agree ba kayo if atleast 5 years permanent established na ? Ako oo
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    Rules to be Elite

    Ano po mga criteria para maging elite guys?
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    Happy Hearts Day! (Monthsary + Established)

    Happy Hearts Day, everyone! 🤍 celebrating my first month here in PHC and i just got established as well hehe ☺️. i'm so glad i was able to join this awesome community 🫶🏼. (also the floating hearts on the forum are so cute!)
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    Established Member

    Paano po maging established ulit?