bridge mode

A network bridge is a computer networking device that creates a single, aggregate network from multiple communication networks or network segments. This function is called network bridging. Bridging is distinct from routing. Routing allows multiple networks to communicate independently and yet remain separate, whereas bridging connects two separate networks as if they were a single network. In the OSI model, bridging is performed in the data link layer (layer 2). If one or more segments of the bridged network are wireless, the device is known as a wireless bridge.
The main types of network bridging technologies are simple bridging, multiport bridging, and learning or transparent bridging.

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  1. C

    Help paano mag bridge mode Converge Modem Skyworth GN256V

    Help po paano mag bridge mode ng Converge Modem Skyworth GN256V. Salamat mga master!
  2. L

    Help Bridge Mode Help

    Mga paps paano ba mag mag bridge eto kasi ata need para ma enable ko mga lan ports ng Globe At Home Fibr ko HG6145F1 abg model
  3. K

    Help How to configure my PLDT modem to bridge mode

    Device Name: PROLiNK PRS1841U-v2 Router Model Name: PRS1841U-v2 Firmware Version: 2.4.1 PLDT Dual V2.03 Wanna set up my residential PLDT modem/router to bridge mode para sa trabaho ko. I've tried several thread posts at hindi nag work tapos yung superadmin logins doesn't work anymore. Can...
  4. B

    Help Paano Mag tanong sa Service Desk kung pano I Bridge Mode ang PLDT Router

    Hello po, I'm new here and I wanted to ask for help, kase gusto ko mag pa bridge mode sa router ko kase I tend to port forward tsaka I wanted to manage my internet using my other router, yung issue ko lng kase is ano yung sasabihin ko sa PLDT kung magpapa bridge mode ako? I need PPPoE...
  5. P


    Sharing my experience sa bagong offering ni Globe. I was a previous user of C0nverge fiberx for 2 years and UNLI data ni Smart / UNLI ni GOMO but due to inflation and unstable service ng cellular data during peak hours, I opted to this prepaid fiber na lang para iwas sakit sa ulo at maluwag sa...
  6. A

    Help PLDT Fibr - Internet Speed Slow When I Use a Router

    Hi. I have the following configuration: PLDT Fibr Plan 1699 Modem: GPON HG6245D Router: ASUS RT-AC1200G+ I have to use a router because I have several devices connecting to the net, although they don't take a lot of bandwidth. The router and switches are all gigabit, and the cables all Cat...
  7. D

    Help Compatible for bridge mode

    Good afte mga ster, tanong lang po pwede ba gawin tong bridge mode or access point through wireless po tong mga modem nato? salamat po.
  8. R

    Help Pldt f670l bridge mode

    Pinalitan po ni pldt un router namin. Naaccess ko na un admin kaso di ko mapagana un bridge mode. Baka pede po patulong magsetup ng bridgemode. Thanks
  9. R

    Radius/Red Fiber - Bridge Mode?

    Meron po ba dito subscribers ng Red/Radius Fiber? Paano po i-setup for bridge mode yung router/ONT nila? Yung router na nilagay nila is "Nokia G-1425g-A" base sa nakalagay sa sticker.
  10. A

    Help Comfast as bridge mode and my main ap is Tp link 110

    Puydi ba ganitong setup mga paps? Gusto ko sana ehh bridge yung tp link 110 ko
  11. Y

    Help Pldt fiber bridge mode

    Mas okay ba ipa-bridge mode yung stock router ni pldt? Or off ko na lang wifi nung stock? Mas okay talaga connection kapag may third party router e di ko lang alam kung papa-bridge mode ko pa or hayaan ko na lang makapatay yung wlan ni pldt router.
  12. F

    Help ZLT-S10g Bridge mode or IP Passthrough

    Good day po Possible po ba na ma i passthrough or bridge mode ang ZLT-S10g?? or anong LTE modem na pweding mag passthrough or bridge mode? Thanks for the help
  13. J

    How to create "true" Bridge Mode sa Converge Huawei router to your Secondary router

    *Connect the LAN1 port of Converge to the WAN port of your secondary router. *On Huawei Converge router 1. First step, access mo muna yung web browser page or web portal ni Converge using superadmin (research nyo na lang, baka ma-ban kapag pinost ko eh) 2. Look for FIREWALL...
  14. M

    Help [Globe] HG6245D (RP2786) Bridge Mode

    Hello po, meron bang nakapagtry na mag bridge mode nito? Kasi pag nag bridge mode na ako, iba kasi ang binigay na IP address sa PPPOE at walang internet. Pero kung sa modem mismo ako ng pppoe (hindi na siya bridge mode) ay iba ang IP at nakakakuha siya ng internet. Natry ko na rin na i-clone...
  15. J

    Globe fiber bridge mode

    pa ask lang po how to bridge mode globe fiber modem hg8145v5
  16. P

    Pa Help po Bridge Mode sa Converge and R281

    Hello po, paano kaya ma bridge mode R281 sa Converge? or Need ko pa mag DHCP or Direct Bridge ko na? sa Ngayon naka Router Mode siya Gusto ko sana makuha parin Same Speed sa Converge same as R281 ^_^ Pa Help po sana TY!
  17. P

    Help PLDT WIFI Bridge Mode

    Baka may idea po kayo pano po mapabilis yung connection ko, sa bridge modem lang po ako naka connect pero sobrang bagal ng wifi, hindi maka pag speedtest sa ookla pero sa google speed test gumagana naman, hindi rin nag loloading ang ibang apps like spotify, tiktok, and some random apps...
  18. C

    Help Access USB FTB in modem in Bridge mode?

    Ask lang po. Naka-bridge mode po kasi yung modem ko at currently ginagamit ko ung 3rd-party router as my main router, bale modem function na lang talaga ung stock ISP modem. Ang tanong ko po, paano ko maa-access yung USB FTP ng modem pag naka-bridge? Nung naka-route mode kasi ung stock ISP...
  19. A

    ZLT S12 Pro Bridge Mode

    May alam po ba dito pano gawing bridge mode ang ZLT S12 Pro? Balak ko sana gamitin lang ang LAN port niya tapos gagamit lang ako ng ibang router.
  20. J

    Help Globe Fibr model: HG6245d version: rp2715 BRIDGE MODE ISSUE

    Hi guys, badly need help baka may nakaka alam ppano mo gamiting BRIDGE mode si Globe modem ko. wla tlaga ako mahanap solution sa YT. baka dito meron. Naka full admin access nako. Globe Fibr model: HG6245d version: rp2715 BRIDGE MODE ISSUE thanks for the help 🙏
  21. B

    Closed Globe Modem Router ZTE ZHXN H108N V2.5. How to set to bridge mode?

    Hi, I have got a new and more powerful router TP Link AC2300 and would like to disable the router on the Globe supplied modem router combo to avoid conflict of both devices. Question: How to set Globe Modem Router model: ZTE ZHXN H108N V2.5. to bridge mode? TIA.
  22. J

    Closed Laptop connection to router, bridge, cascade, access point?

    Gandang araw mga ka PHC. Patulong na naman sa mga lodi natin dyan. Currently ganito ang set up ko. Laptop, nakashare yung internet connection ng laptop sa lan port niya, gamit ethernet wire papuntang Wan port ng router(linksys wrt120n). Naka default lang yung setting ng router. Sa router...
  23. P

    Closed Disable bridge mode

    Sir paano po e disable ang bridge mode try ko lang kasi pindutin ayon dkona access ang gateway huhu d nako mka pasok sa router setting
  24. P

    Closed Bridge mode back to router mode

    Guys i really need your help i accidentally click the bridge mode and i dont know what it is. Patulong naman mga boss kung ko ibabalik yung router mode d kona kasi maka access sa settings niya TIA sa makakatulong
  25. J

    Looking for an easy to "bridge mode config" broadband modem

    Initially I was eyeing B593s-22 but later found out that it can't be configured to bridge mode. Atleast an LTE modem. Thanks for any help