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The MEB's 100 Fundamental Works, is a compiled book list recommendation by 59th Turkish Government Ministry of National Education (Turkey) to be taught to secondary schools students as curriculum course in Turkish Language and Literature, also as a reading activities for free times.

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    Referral Pambayad kay Judit monthly

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    GOMO Free net

    Any gomo user here? same experience tonight? Since under maintenance pa si gomo,mukhang free net yata tonight😄 nagtaka ako nakakabrowse ako kahit no load si gomo 😄just sharing.....
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    Tutorial How to apply watermark signature using lighroom mobile or snapseed

    First dapat may nakasave ka sa gallery mo na signature watermark for later use. *How to apply your signature watermark signature in Lightroom mobile 1.Click mo yung share sign in upper right corner 2.Choose "export as"then choose under file type choose "jpg" 3.Click on "include watermark...
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    Trivia Slang and photography jargon

    Here are a few other photography terms that are a bit more advanced (including some wacky jargon and slang!). Become familiar with this terminology so you can talk to pros with confidence. Fast glass – Refers to a lens with a very large maximum aperture (such as f/1.8 or f/1.2). The lens is...
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    Trivia Choosing the best phone for Photography/videography

    Smartphones are our go-to cameras to take interesting snippets of our life. The photographic features of a smartphone are in the race of getting at part with DSLR cameras. These quick pictures often become some of the best souvenirs in our home albums. That's why a camera is one of the main...
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    Trivia How & when to use long exposure mode in camera

    Long exposure modes in phone: *Moving crowd -kapag gusto mo kumuha ng shots ng mga gumagalaw tulad ng taong naglalakad. *Neon trails /light trails -mainam ito gamitin sa mga busy roads & highways kung saan maraming sasakyan,mostly when you're stuck in the city. *Oil painting -kapag sunrise...
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    Tutorial Fixing signal issues in xiaomi phones

    ✓ if you are facing Signal Dropping Problem ✓ if you are facing weak signal problem ✓ if you are facing facing 2G while Browsing Internet ✓ if you want to only get 4G/2G/3G signal ... Steps to follow 1.Go to settings ,tap "about phone" 2.Click on internal storage 3 times 3.Select your...
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    Tutorial Remove ads in xiaomi phones

    remove ads in xiaomi phones 1.Remove ads disabling MSA app MSA stands for “MIUI System Ads,” and it should come as no surprise that killing this app will solve many of your issues. -Open the Settings app. Go to Additional Settings. Select Authorization & revocation. Find msa and toggle it...
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    Trivia All About Gomo Sim

    If you’re wondering what GOMO stands for, it’s ‘Go Out More Often’, according to Mr. Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO of Consumer Singapore at Singtel. Meron silang four markets -Singapore (gomo.sg), - Ireland (gomo.ie), -Thailand (gomo.th), - the Philippines (gomo.ph). March 25, 2019-the earliest...
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    Trivia JPEG VS. HEIF

    Since some phones nowadays comes with Heif format in camera settings just want to share some comparison why others prefer to activate heif format than jpeg. Noticeable differences between the two: HEIF ( High-Efficiency Image Format) -a modern photo file type that’s inspired by JPEGs but...
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    Tutorial Enable Hidden Camera Features In Any Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco

    Here 's how to enable experimental features in miui camera Open the File Manager in your device. Go to Internal Storage>DCIM>Camera. Tap on the menu button and then tap on Create Folder. Name it “lab_options_visible“ Now, close the Camera App. To do that, long-press on the Camera app on...
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    Para sa hindi marunong gumawa ng config sa Sts No Load..Ako na gagawa para sa inyo.. Step 1 : Download HTTP Custom sa Playstore. Step 2 : Download Config below Step 3 : Open Http Custom, Click Plus(+) sign button and click 'Open Config'. Step 4 : Find download folder and click on downloaded file...
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    S·T·S 1000% Fresh powered STS AND GTM NO LOAD SNI/Bughost + APN for STS no load (02/23/21)

    Pasok kayo dito👇👇 https://phcorner.net/threads/updated-1000-fresh-powered-stm-and-gtm-no-load-sni-bughost-apn-02-23-21.1035481/
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    Sun New UPDATE TU promo saan ba aabot Ang MB mo?

    Open ssh Naman Ang ibabahagi ko😂😂 use HTTP CUSTOM VPN.. Host: Port: 442/22 username: kentoy144 Password: love remote proxy port: 8080/81 https://www.datafilehost.com/d/e00db19d
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    Closed GIGA VIDEO promo na Naman para maiba!!!

    Open SSH to baka inaakala niyo Naman free account built-in na Naman to... Input niyo Lang sariling account niyo Jan.. Yan Lang sa ngayon maibibigay ko dami kasi inaayos at dami Rin client na inaasikaso.. https://www.datafilehost.com/d/e368109c
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    Closed TU users Yong d maka konek wag na kayong umiyak

    Wala ng paligoy² pa...open ssh for 3Networks promo... feedback is must! Para magshare ako ulit.. Promo credited to connect!! #Smart: GAMETIME100/ALLGIGA PROMOS/AOS/AT #TNT: ML/SURFSAYA & FB #SUN: ALL PROMOS not applicable sa call'n'text.. Host: Ssh_Port: 442/22...
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    Closed TU & TNT user UPDATE

    Wala ng paligoy² pa...open ssh for TU & ML promo... feedback is must! Para magshare ako ulit.. #Kentoylovesyou https://dropmb.com/gWSFb
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    UPDATE 23 - JULY 16, 2020 Easy Download No Ads Plus Zipped Each Type Of File 😊 EHI - SG🇸🇬 v23 SG🇸🇬 v24 SG🇸🇬 v25 OVPN - SG🇸🇬 v23 SG🇸🇬 v24 SG🇸🇬 v25 SIP - US🇺🇸 v23 SG🇸🇬 v24 CA🇨🇦 v25 FR🇫🇷v26 EHI : All Promo - Freebies First Consume OVPN : All Promo - Freebies First Consume SIP : No Load GTM...
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    Closed Sun Sure working ehi 1 month Norway+Vietnam Server

    Sun Sure working ehi 1 month Norway+Vietnam Server tu/ctc/flp Exp:March 15 2020 link below: SUN-NORWAY-1MONTH-EHI SUN-VIETNAM-1MONTH-EHI
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    Closed No katay 1 Month Sun Ehi Thailand& Vietnam Servers SuperFast Downloading/strêâmïng

    1 Month Sun Ehi Thailand&Vietnam Servers SuperFast Downloading/strêâmïng Promo: Tu/ctc/flp Exp:March 14 2020 Link Below: SUN-Thailand-1MONTH-EHI SUN-Vietnam-1MONTH-EHI
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    Closed yôutubê no Ads Open sa lahat 100%

    Sa mga Wala pa hanggang ngayun ng YøùTùbé no ads download na... Kahit pang YøùTùbé na lng natitira sa load mo gagana po diyan. Kasi baka may mag tanong baka maubos yung data nila at hindi ibawas sa YøùTùbé promo same lang po sa nakasanayan sa Normal na YøùTùbé mas maganda ito free skip and no...
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    Closed officially back na!!

    Officially back na ang PH server sa tcpvpn ♥♥♥ Why am I spoiling that good news? - well, tcpvpn is not a private server, its actually for everyone who knows about ssh,ssl or ovpn in short, for VPN users. they need our support by clicking those ads, It'll help all the servers especially the PH...
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    Closed NEW GOWATCH 30 days SG server Super Fast & Stable

    Download na lang po below. Pafeedback po tsaka palike na din. :)
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    Guys free ehi file for go watch valid for 30 days malakas talaga guys......enjoy
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    Closed 16 Unwritten Social Rules

    We are considered as social animal. We live in a world where even though there is a sense of individuality and personal space, it has to co-exist with a world view. We have the freedom, but rarely the freedom to do ‘anything’ we want to do. Rules and regulations however dictate how we live and...
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    Closed Snipet media

    Free redeem si snipet media guys,7eleven free redeem. Dalian niyo na hanggang di pa sold out.
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    Sun 100% working sun sim unblocking trick.proven and tested

    Mga paps., Ang Sun Sim ko na block kasi na use ko na data with in this day is 1.9 gb Kaninang 12:19 pm., tapos nalungkot talaga ako ., Nawalan talaga ako ng pag asa, at inisip ko na bumili na lang ng bagong sim , Pero May Pag Asa pa Pala., ☺, Nag Try ako ng Sun Sim Unblocking Tricks, Then...
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    Closed Basic globe & tm bug sim 2019 legit jan 30 2019

    GLOBE BUG SIM Sulit 15 pesos mo dito :):) JAN 30 2019 REQUIREMENTS Marunung mag basa Marunung umintindi Respect Ilabas kona sorry late post So Guys Ganto Punta sa Dial O kung panu kayu Tumawag type *143# Then hanapin si Loans then SURFSOS Mag Subscribe kayu dyan Diko mabigay number...
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    Closed Gowatch/nrg una mauubos 12mbps. updated feb. 9, 2019

    UPDATED!! FEBRUARY 9, 2019 Fresh na fresh pa Bawal sa rooted device. sorry iwas galaw lang muna ako ng config. Pag sawaan nyo na! habang maiinit-init pa. Singapore Server 12mbps. Huwag sana HIT and RUN. nasa baba ang config.
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    Closed Gotscombodd90 bug!! 100% working!

    So ito na guys hindi ko na papatagalin pa, Unli Internet galing kay GOTSCOMBODD90 kahit ubos mo na lahat ng data mo pati gowatch. No need VPN na ito. 1st Step: Register ka sa GOTSCOMBODD90 syempre 2nd: Ubusin mo lahat ng data mo. wag mong mamadaliin kasi 7 days naman yan. 3rd step: Pag naubos na...
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    Closed Iccid iphone

    Patulong po may bago bang update ng ICcid para ngaung araw at pano po un gagamitin para mag semi FU PA HELP PO
  39. D

    Closed Sun tu50 working 100%

    SUN TU50 LOAD WORKING N WORKING 100% Feedback mabilis at ayus n ayus gmitin lalo na at 4g lte ang location nyu https://dropmb.com/download/7db81b3484fcfc3dbc170426ef026868.html Thanks at like lang masaya naku ✔️
  40. P

    Closed New update proxy server

    pa like lang ok na ako and feedback na agad hehehe cge enjoy na lnag po kayo sorry talaga mga leecher
  41. A

    Closed Expressph vpn, para ito sa mga sawa ng mag hanap ng pangmatagalang config

    sawa kana ba kakahanap ng EHI ? dahil mabilis lang ma katay ? baka ito na ang solution mo. First : Download Expressph sa Playstore na sa baba ang picture Second : Do update goto About > Server updates > Online > Tapos hit Apply my image din ako sa baba Third : gayahin ang setting. paki tignan...
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    Closed Updated today! pc-cp/laptop vpn just download here for free!!! +ehi & hpi file configs!!!

    New CP-PC/Laptops EHI & HPI file Configs Quad PayLoads! Updated! January-22-2018 valid until January-29-2018 fresh & ρrémíùm Quad Configs!!! Made by: ConfigMakers /A01 All valid in 7Days! Free!!! For Those Who Don't Have Http Proxy Injector for PC/Laptops! Just Click Here Below > H.P.I v.0.0.6...
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    Closed Updated!!! pc-cp/laptop vpn just download here for free!!! +ehi & hpi file configs!!!

    New CP-PC/Laptops EHI & HPI file Configs Quad PayLoads! Updated! 01-15-2018 valid until 01-22-2018 fresh & ρrémíùm Quad Configs!!! Made by: ConfigMakers /A01 All valid in 7Days! Free!!! For Those Who Don't Have Http Proxy Injector for PC/Laptops! Just Click Here Below > H.P.I v.0.0.6 >...
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    Closed Updated ehi & hpi file configs! valid until january-22-2018 with quad pl!

    New CP-PC/Laptops EHI & HPI file Configs Quad PayLoads! Updated! 01-15-2018 valid until 01-22-2018 fresh & ρrémíùm Quad Configs!!! Made by: ConfigMakers /A01 All valid in 7Days! Free!!! For Those Who Don't Have Http Proxy Injector for PC/Laptops! Just Click Here Below >...
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    Tutorial How to unlock pattern lock of any xiaomi phone (remove pattern lock)

    We often use Pattern Lock, PIN Lock on the Phone. The main reason for using Screen lock is keeping the phone away from Stranger, Friends & family in case if you want to hide something from them. You don’t want to show them your Personal Pictures, Social Media Accounts, Emails & other private...
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    Closed Fresh & ρrémíùm quad payloads! updated until jan-16-2018 + 10fresh hpi file configs for pc/laptops!!

    New CP-PC/Laptops EHI & HPI file Configs Quad PayLoads! Updated! 01-09-2018 valid until 01-16-2018 fresh & ρrémíùm Quad Configs!!! Made by: ConfigMakers /A01 All valid in 7Days! Free!!! :HPI FILES" Link Below! config for PC/Laptop injector. ρrémíùm USA Special - check...
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    Closed Quad payloads!!! updated today!!! for globe and tm only!!!

    THIS NOW! LIMITID SHARE WITH THIS FORUMS!!! Recommended Promo's TM: Kayo Na Bahala Guys i'm Sure Alam Nyo Na Yan!!! GLOBE: Same Lang Din!!! USA Los Angeles ρrémíùm Server! https://www.datafilehost.com/d/dffb10fc Kaya Downloads Nyo Na!!! Fast Connect and Stable Connections!!!
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    Closed New bug

    May bagong bug tayo guyss... follow the steps lng ... ako ang nakadiskubre nito .. ( cguro) No need load 1. Accept santas treat 2. Bombahin nyo ng pagaccept ng offer si gosurf 50... 3.tip: pwede kayo gumamit ng repetitouch para di na mapudpod kamay nyo ... Sana wlang magreport nito .. wag nyo...