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Stories Wolves and Cougars (Chapter 1)


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Aug 31, 2015
Wolves and Cougars (Chapter 1)
A wolf howled in the distance. A cougar let out a deafening scream. The war was about to begin.

"Keera, I want you to stay here, near the cave, no matter what." said Kairo, the alpha male of the wolf pack. "Yes daddy, I promise." She watched her father strode away to the war, not knowing if he'll come back alive.

"Darling," purred the female leader of the cougars to her young daughter " You need to stay away from those nasty wolves while I'm away. Is that clear?" "Yes mommy. But what if they're nice?" the little cub asks. The mother turns around and snarls "Those beasts cannot be trusted. Do you understand me?" "Yes mom."

The war for territory began. Claws and teeth were flying through the air with blood scattered among the dead leaves on the ground, that were about to be accompanied by carcasses of cougars, wolves, and their blood.

Jodie, the little cougar cub wanders off into the woods west of the war. But that's exactly where Keera's home was at. Jodie saw a white butterfly and started chasing it, unknowingly heading toward enemy territory.

Keera sat in the tall grass in front of her den. She sniffed the air. Cougar. Her father had trained her to smell out a cougar for miles! Keera was a born hunter. As Jodie came closer, Keera growled and bared her pearly white K-9's. " Grrrr... What do you want, cougar?" she growled. " I want to be friends! ... um... Ya wanna play?!" Keera stopped baring her teeth and her fur stopped rising. "Okay!" And with that, they started playing hide n seek.

Kairo came back from his half successful fight. He had lost twenty males out there but at the rate of new ones being born, there would be new wolves in no time. Bloody, he strode back to his den. He raised his nose. "Kina! My wife, do you smell... Cougars?" "Honey, it's probably because you were fighting cougars all day. Now let me clean those wounds." And with that they stepped inside.

Keera and Jodie had been lucky Jodie had hid behind a tree. "That was close!" said Keera. "Yup.. Well, see ya tommorow!" and unhid from her hiding spot. Unluckily, Kairo had just stepped out. "COUGAR!!!!!" He ran and jumped up--- only to be POUNCED ON. Yes, Jodie's mother arrived just in time to save Jodie's whiskers!

"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING JODIE! I TOLD YOU ABOUT THOSE BEASTS! They killed your little sister Janice and your older sister Jasmine!" Hatred filled Jodie's eyes. "How dare they! Next time I see a stupid wolf, I'm gonna kill it!" And with that she walked away. "Hehe. My poor pathetic, gullible child... " Jadis smiled evily. "You better watch out Kairo, your wolf cub is in danger."

Credits to respectful owner (Y)

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