Stories To Room Nineteen


May 10, 2016
Boy — "To Room Nineteen?"

Girl — "Oh that, It’s a book I liked when I was in university. I’ve been reading it again."

Boy — "Could I ask what it is about?"

Girl — "There is a married couple. They are perfect, even in the eyes of others.
They’re satisfied with their lives, too. A happy and harmonious family.
But the wife suddenly wants to have a space of her own one day.
So the husband makes a room for her on the second floor.
They then called it „The Mother’s Room“.
But soon enough, the kids start to enter the room.
' With the family going in and out,
the room just becomes another family room."

Boy — "So what does the wife do?"

Girl — "So the wife, gets a room without telling anyone
in a cheap hotel far away from home.
Time to time, she stays alone in the room a few hours at a time.
She doesn’t do anything. She feels happy just by being in the room."

Boy — "Because the room is a space she can be perfectly alone.
Getting married also means that your own time and space disappears.
Being without anyone else can make you feel happy. I can understand.
It’s a good story."

Girl — "I think it’s also a sad story.
Actually, I thought of you while reading that book.
You said the only things you can be responsible for in life
are this house, Kitty, and yourself. That’s why you won’t get married.
At that time, your words spoke to me.
I too could only be responsible for this room.
But if you live like this, won’t you get lonely?
Have you ever thought that you might be lonely?"

Boy - "I'm not sure.. I dont think i ever thought about being lonely.
More than tolerating others, i thought it would be better
to alone. That's how I lived until now.."

Girl - (Girl thought about his past life)
I wanted to ask him, if that one love has already passed in his life.
And if i did, will love ever start again.. for him?

Girl - (Girl thoughts)
Everyone has room 19 of their own.
No matter how close they are with others, they don't want them
to find out about that room. No matter how comfortable they feel
around others, they can't invite those others to that room.
Maybe both he and I need take a rest in our own room 19 today.

Girl - (Girl thought about their relation)
We have each other's the room 19.
It's each other own space. It can't be invaded.
Maybe he knew it too, that he would have to face his room someday.
Relations are so sad, because we can't see them coming.
His Room 19 and mine have opened.

Girl - (Girl thought about boy's bad past life)
This man is torn. He's afraid. He's nervous.

Boy - (Boy thought about his past life and his old love)
I thought I could meet her again, maybe once in my life.
I even thought of what i should do when that happens.
"How ar you?", "Its been a while", but as soon as i saw you,
I realized.. I was worried about the other person.
When did i even start? I thought the only things remaining
in my life are the autumn leaves that are solid dry.
I thought the rest of my life would be.. the time i would
spend by myself.

Boy - (Boy thought about girl and worried about her make her hurt as same as his past life)
I didn't want to do anything that could decide.. the
other person's life. I thought I would never.. make
someone cry again.

Girl - (Girl thought about love and reaching someone heart)
I would have waited for his heart. Even if we were married without
any terms.. i would have done the same. A married couple does
always win each other's hearts. I dont know much about this.
I know one thing for sure, Winning someone's heart is not a game.
It rather comes naturally.

Boy - (Boy thought about girl's words makes him realized)
Words are born from people's mouths
and die in their ears. But some words don't die.
They go into people's heart and survive.
These words survived in my heart for years.
When did they disappear so suddenly like this?
I couldn't get rid of them from my heart.
No matter how hard i tried then.
So from now on, it was because of her words.
Her warm words piled up in my heart.
Her words have survived.. in my dead heart.

Girl - (Girl thought about loving someone but its hard reaching someone heart)
I realized it when i found love. The reason our marriage happened
easily was because we were not in love. Marriage should happen
you are in love. But why, am i getting hurt more. When I'm in love
with him.

Boy - (Boy thought when too late to confess when girl is hurt and give up)
Words are slower than heart.

This story is about the boy and girl in contractual married. After sometime, the girl likes boy and feelings suddenly grow and fall for him realized that
she love him. Their relationship was one-way love. But boy doesnt love her because of his past life. He is heart broken and his heart is dead to love.
The girl thought that boy has no feeling but one day she saw about his past life and memories in a book and knows everything about him. The boy knows that
she like him but he is scared that he knows now. Boy knows what love is thats why he is scared.

One day, the boy talks about the book he likes where his memories and past life were there. Explaining it that he love it but found out the meaning in life
then suddenly he could not like it anymore because ofbad cirumstances. He said "there a lot of things that you can never do again when you actually know about them".
So he is envious of her. She may not know about things, but it is a good thing. He said "dont worry too much". Then girl replied that "you too dont worry so much even
though you've seen it before, you are looking now is a different one, you know it well and done it before, having the moment with that person is first time for you".

She believe what happen after those moments, is no one fault. She said "It just happen to be that way. So, dont worry too much, its not like you know all
about today just because you lived yesterday". After this event,the girl knows he was scared to love again and in torn or hurt. But those warm words reach his heart,
woke him up and realized. Later on, the girl thought about what does happen in his past life. Then she ask him about does having one love is enough in life.
Boy answered agreed, said yes in life, having one love is more than enough. The girl is sad after hearing those words but she fall in love. After that she thought if that one
love has already passed in his life. And if did, will love ever start again.. for him?.

Then they became close to each other. One time, the boy feelings grow after that realized that his heart allowed a room to make at peace. In girl room the boy
saw a book name "the room 19" asked what about it. They start conversation. That was related to their situation, a happy story were married couple was happy and satisfied
with their lives. The wife wants another room for her make her perfectly alone without anyone else make her happy, but there is catch, the girl realized it sad story too, that the
wife will be lonely. And think that the wife state same as the boy. But boy was not thinking about being lonely it be better be alone. Because of his past life he became like that.

The girl believes that one day he need to face his room 19(overcome his past life and move on) and only way is to faced his old love. Then their room 19 will open
means love will start again. But girl is afraid of what will happen if that old love still love him and she doesnt know if faced it will make him better and she afraid she will losed him.
Make her fall in love at same time hurt in pain. Another things is boy thought he has to overcome it but hes afraid too that the girl will make her cry and hurt again. The girl has no
choice but end their contractual marriage and she doesnt know that the boy love her and even she love him its hard for her reaching his heart.

The only way is making the boy confess her feelings about her. But its too late. The girl decided to end their contract. They end up divorce. The boy and the girl are suffer
even they love each other.

What will happen next then?