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Tutorial [TIPS] How to make your own server host private to public IP - using your PC or Mobile


Sep 18, 2019
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1) Go to this link: You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.
2) Create your own account
3) Make a config file
4) Make a port forwarding for your host for example 80 or 8080 what ever you will use to make it accessible online.
5) install xampp or any web server
6) install a phpadmin or any.
7) run your web server
8) test your host server if it is available online or public...try to another pc by just typing the ip address or by your host address created at the website at portmap including port sample

Next step in reply poat.. bye

This is just a tips...if it will not works to you then you have a problem with your webdev knowledege


Another option:

Kung gusto mong ma browse online ang host mo na pc or cp...
1) Dapat static ang ip mo. Or kahit dynamic basta may account ka sa site na nag aauto change ng ip ng online host mo.
2) Dapat munang ma portforwarding mo ang port 80 ng host mo via NO-IP and DynDNS services. Or any site na nagooffer ng portforwarding at dns services.
3) Dapat may web server ka using xampp or any.
3) Kung complete na then run mo web server mo.
4) Install a wordpress or any installable scrypts sa web server mo.
5) Then try to browse your site using your default address (You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.) this domain name must be registered at freenom site na nag ooffer ng free domain name. or your ip sample - 10.X.X.X:80 generated by your isp. or Local browse by just typing your local ip. sample - 192.168.X.X:80
6) Dapat may ginawa kang landing page.

Done ok.

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