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Poems The Art of Letting Go

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
I find myself wishing ,
of those days when you and me
are still sharing memories ,
laughing,talking about life.

It was indeed a happy
worth to be cheris,
But i was blinded
For what I think is right,
though its hard to figure out,
The secrets of life and love

If I keep clinging to what I know,
if I choose to keep falling inlove
with you,
There's a lot chances I've miss
a lot memories in life to keep.

And one thing I see now
Is learning to control
my emotions,my stillness,
for it only keeps draining me.

It is indeed a fight,
Maybe I need to pause
for a moment,

take time to ponder
To put what I'm holding on.

Maybe then I’ll realize,
That there’s no need to look at love and life
looking down on a foggy window,
my eyes still longing for that sight.

Just for this one moment in time.
I figure out everuthing through,
I've been keeping it myself,
Been longing for that good old days.

But the reality wakes me up,
The dept of longing and loving
sometimes give as agony
and pain,
made every pieces left broken.

Everything we see and feel
is beyond our control,
it's only destiny foretell.

Keeping an eye to whats left,
and letting go to what's not meant for you.

It is letting go of the ties,
that will make us whole again,
things can be so different,
When we accept the art of letting go,
Wishing for “someday"
There’s someone else that will come your way.

A greater plan and a higher purpose
for every battle of the heart
open up a new beggining
the one that destined and

match every heartbeat.

All we need is just
Reset our heart
and make a brand new start.
A call to letting go,
instead of holding on.

❤️~Professora Akira~❤️
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