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Stories "philippines; the revealation of the untold history" (basahin mo sana hanggang dulo)


Dec 14, 2017
Oyaho Gozaimasu:)

Warning: kung tamad ka magbasa, wag mo nang ituloy to. (Hindi sapilitan) Pero kung gusto mo ng bago. Take time and patiently read this thread. Sana open minded ka at lawakan ng konti yung pagiisip. This is not about government issues, It's all about our history. Our "Philippine History"
Ps; wala akong kinikilingan. Hoax, opinyon, hokus pokus, may batayan man o wala. Kanya kanyang opinyon at paniniwala.

MUST READ: Ang hindi itinuro ng mga paaralan, Isiniwalat.

"The Ferdinand Marcos"

The Cojuangco-Aquino Family envy Ferdinand Marcos because of Ferdinand Marcos's personal wealth given by his former client the Tallano royal family of the Philippines who is the real owner of our country. The tallano was the richest royal family in the history of man. Richer than any ancient empires/kingdoms, they hired Marcos as their family lawyer and pay him hundred thousand tons of gold bars. About the so called ill-gotten wealth that the Aquino administration accuses the Marcoses is a lie. FEM has a major role in the world and it is the Monetary-1.

Take Note: MONETARY-1

Actually, the Aquino’s are puppets by those who wanted to bring Marcos down ‘coz they wanted to have the wealth that belongs to mankind who's been under FEM hands. Search about MONETARY-1 and the answer were out there!

Q: Bakit may nag mamay-ari ba na isang pamilya sa bansang Pilipinas? Paano po nangyari iyon?

A: Our country was a kingdom before, called the Maharlika kingdom, ruled by the great DATU's such as Datu Puti and Lapu Lapu. Parts of our country was Brunei, South Borneo, Hawaii, Spratly Island and Saba. Our country was a rich kingdom and even the Ming dynasty of China respect our kingdom, no other empires and kingdoms in Asia can matched our wealth. The DATU's who ruled the kingdom was the Tagean/Tallano royal famil. They owned our country until the midst 18th century. JOSE P. RIZAL was a direct descendants of the Tallano's. His great grandfather was Prince Julian Macleod Tallano who is been half European royalty "Macleod and half Maharlikan Tallano.

192 thousand tons of golds paid by the Tallano's family to Marcos yet too damn smart. He got the WW2 2 loots which is the YAMASHITA GOLDS who's been guarded by the imbecile General Yamashita and out smarted by Ferdinand Marcos. That is why there is a monetary-1. Due to WW2 loots belongs to humanity, Marcos wanted us to have that and not ended up to the hands of the REPTILIANS/ the world elite/ the one eyed/ the illuminati/ who wanted to enslave humanity, that is why they do everything to bring Marcos down. But Marcos is so smart, they can't find ways how. Then they saw a little hole and used it to manipulate the minds of FEM's own people, then used it to bring him down. They may succeed to bring Marcos out of power in this country but still Out smarted by the late great Ferdinand Marcos because they were not able to get the golds.

The real enemy of Ferdinand Marcos was also the enemy of mankind. They're like a pyramid on top of them was a silent but powerful country. America and Vatican was working for the interest of that powerful country controlled by a single and powerful family called the Rothschild’s.

We have the right to know the truth about us Filipinos. School never teach our ancient past, our real origins, our long lost kingdom. We are the people of MAHARLIKA kingdom ruled by the DATU's. Our kingdom was a peaceful and respected kingdom until the Spaniards invaded us under the flag of King Phillip.

They call our kingdom Philippines! They claim that they discover our country but in reality our kingdom was far richer than the 4 major empires in Europe. The Roman Italians, the Gothic Spaniards, the Celtic England, and the Vandal France. Combine all of their imperial wealth can't matched our wealth! That was the truth that's been hidden from us. The U.N. knows it. U.S.A. knows that. China and Russia knows that.

I remember George W. Bush morning interview in 2001 and he's been ask who's the richest country on the planet he smiled and says "The Philippines"- Marcos knew that but he didn't talk.

Yes, Marcos didn't talk how rich we are ‘coz he carefully doing his plans away from the eyes of the enemies who wanted to claim all our wealth. Then he decided to create an Asian dollar, so that Asia wills never barrow money to European Union with sky rocket interests. Did anyone know that Marcos represents Asia and he is the head of Asian Union. Napaka daming magagandang plano ni Marcos not only for our country pero sa buong Asia. But the dark forces did everything they can to prevent Marcos! They manipulates the minds of the youths about truth and make Marcos a bad man while they pretend to be a good one, they use the church like Cory did! They made the terrorist a hero like what they did to Ninoy. And now they wanted to install Cory Aquino as a saint! They used a yellow ribbon instead of a swastika! Pero the force that manipulates the midst of the Filipinos was only a puppet of the true force who wanted to enslave humanity pero hindi pa nila magawa all the way dahil Marcos locked the Monetary-1, so it will never ended up in the hands of the dark side reptilian illuminati. The monetary-1 represented by Marcos was for all humanity.

CARLO GAMBINO said. My great great grandfather was Salvador Tagean, he is a direct descendant of the Tagean, and the Tagean is a close relative of the Tallano royal family. My grandfather who is war veteran keep telling us that the most important thing for us to know is to know the truth about our history, the truth about Marcos ‘coz it was all connected. I manage to connect all the dots and I figured out who was the force behind Marcos downfall and it's not the people power and the Aquinos. They are just instrument or puppets. My grandfather tells us many things including important and highly sensitive topics or events. There is too much lies in school and even in major religion.

School teaches the young ones wrong information like Ninoy was the hero and Marcos minimal lang ang appearance saga books. They never mention the Tagean/tallano royal family who owned our country the Maharlika kingdom! Kaya what I do to my children is what my grandfather did he educated us everyday by telling tales, and those tales was the reality that never been told or teach by those who wanted to poison our intelligence they fear we found out the truth ‘coz if we find it out no one can command anyone! Means we all equal in life! There is no poor anymore, and there is no rich! The word elite will never be used again!

We are familiar to General Antonio Luna… the greatest general in the history of the Philippines but the school never said that, Antonio Luna has an affair with YSIDRA COJUANGCO the grandmother of Cory Aquino! YSIDRA and Emilio AGUINALDO plotted the death of Antonio Luna, Antonio Luna has a thousand tons of gold’s. gagamitin sana to fund the war against invading UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, pero the AGUINALDO regime was corrupt and under the influence of America, kaya they plotted the death of the great General Luna. Gregorio Del Pilar and Manuel Quezon can't do anything about it ‘coz that time they are powerless to prevent it, but they knew it’s going to happen sooner than later! Apolinario Mabini who's also the adviser of AGUINALDO wanted to prevent it, pero dahil lumpo siya na dapat talaga siya din ang presidente wala din nagawa para mapigilan pa ang naka ambang kamatayan ng magiting na Antonio Luna.

Emilio AGUINALDO also killed the true and first president of our republic and it is the great Andres Bonifacio… killed by the order of Emilio AGUINALDO and claimed the first presidency! Did anyone hear this in school?! I've heard this to my grandfather. At first I'm confused ‘coz iba ang teachings sa school pero why would our grandfather tell us lies? Then we grew up and connect all the dots then it makes sense, the truth cannot be hidden for a long time! And it's our right to know it! Marcos didn't do anything bad for us! Instead he loves us more than himself. Lahat ng pinakikinabangan natin ngayon sa bansa produkto ng pag mamahal ni FEM. Pero ninanakaw sa atin ng mga yellow ribbon army! They can't let Bongbong Marcos become a president dahil pag nangyari yan people will know the truth! Not just the truth but we will have the things that belong to us! Like what I've said before we are rich! Richer than any country! The world leaders know that! But they also know we've been manipulated by corrupt government China and Russia respects Marcos they treat him as a king ‘coz Marcos was a good leader with brilliant mind! Vladimir Putin's Russia opposed American rule, China too! Then America keep telling’ the world that Russia and China is a major threat! Pero mali kabaliktaran! When U.S. invades Middle East and put the 9-11 to Osama that's a lie! They just wanted to invade Middle East, Iraq and Iran ‘coz Iraq is the ancient empire of Babylon, mayaman sa oil! Gusto nila yung oil business! They keep making movies na ang terrorist ay Muslims, Russians, Chinese pero those countries didn't engage to war like U.S. did. Napansin niyo ba na halos lahat ng giyera may partisipasyon ang U.S.?!

U.S government destroyed Marcos dahil baon sila sa utang kay Marcos personal na pera ni Marcos ang ipinautang sa kanila. Marcos lends them gold bars hidden under the twin towers with interest yan. The contract expires exactly the same time the twin tower was been attacked, ika nga ng America! But it's not been attacked; it's been a part of the deal! The gold’s was under the twin towers and twin towers also were part of it! The towers must be destroyed and the gold bars must be returned to the owners! Marcos owns the gold’s! After that American economy collapse dahil wala na silang gold reserves.

Q: how is that happened na ang U.S. ay malaki ang utang sa pilipinas? Sabi tayo ang lubog sa utang nung panahon ni Marcos. kamuntik na nga daw tayo mabankrupt dahil panay utang daw po ni Marcos. kung hindi lang sana nag edsa1. Hindi ba 1986 ang maturity ng mga PAUTANG ni Marcos sa ibat ibang bansa? Is this true?!

A: The past government hide it and never told anyone except to those who lived at the time na nangyayari ang mga yun, they know the truth. ang mga bata ngayon hindi nila alam, kaya ano man ang itinuro sakanila sa school they believe it agad.

ISYDRA CUJUANGCO, yes she get 60% of the gold’s held by General Luna dahil she played major role to assassinate the great general! The rest kaya mayaman ang COJUANGCO, pero they can't matched the Marcos wealth even the Rothschild’s and the Rockefellers envied Ferdinand Marcos wealth that is why they do everything they can to get that wealth pinalabas nila na ill- gotten wealth samantalang may sariling papeles ang yaman ni Marcos, before pa siya maging pwresident gave by the royal family tallano.

Yes, America has a huge dept to Marcos and it’s paid already after the collapse of twin towers U.S. Government pays all the gold’s that they barrowed to Marcos with interest! Kaya American economic bagsak na! And yes Marcos lends all major country na nag boom today like Dubai and other countries. Kasi nga sa Monetary-1, si Marcos and holder ng yaman ng tao at bansa sa buong planeta it's kinda hard to explain! It is better for us to know things the truth and the liars.

1976 maturity humingi ng 10 years extension para mapag planuhan nila na after that out of power na si Marcos sa mata ng madla, pero he's never been out of power dahil until now they prevented the Marcos not having absolute power like maging Vice President or maging President dahil it will become their downfall! Kaya they keep telling the young ones na si Marcos bad man

Napakadami ng may utang Kay Marcos and they all envy him dahil he is the Monetar-1. can you see how Ronald Reagan respects Ferdinand Marco. Reagan acted like his the biggest fan of Ferdinand Marcos dahil reality lang, Marcos is a powerful and he is a good man with good heart.

Thanks sa pagbabasa.:)
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#MARCOS parin :)

Bihira sa mga textbooks noon sa skul,
Na mababasa mo ang mga nagawa niya para sa bansa,
Ang lagi mong mababasa,
Tungkol sa EDSA People Power,
Tungkol sa mga abuses, pagiging diktador niya..
Sobrang sinira nila ang kanyang pagkatao,
Kaya kahit ngayon,
Kahit yung mga wala namang kaalam-alam,
Sa mga nangyayari noon,
Kala mo sila'y isinilang,
Namulat sa nakaraan,
Pero ang mga hangal,
Pag di pa minulat ang kanilang mga mata,
Lilisanin nila ang mundo,
Na nakapiring,
Bulag sa katotohanan,
Nabuhay sa kasinungalingan..
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Exactly paps, kaya ayaw papasukin ng mga kultong dilaw yung marcos sa goberment kasi malaking tinik sakanila yun pag yun ngayari lagi nila binablock, ang marcos kung hnd sana sa mga yan maunlad ang pilipinas and one of the best country in the world hehehe

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