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Trivia Original Jack Sparrow


Nov 30, 2016
The pìrâ†é Jack Sparrow was a real person, born in a Christian household who later on converted to Islām and changed his name to Yūsuf Reis!

Besides the name Jack, he was also called Jack Ward and known as "Jack Birdy". Being one of the most famous pirates and sailors he was born in a poor family, spent years of his youth in the swamp fishing and then became one of the most dangerous pirates and the most prestigious in the world after the invasion of the Spanish Armada for England in 1588.

After being elected as a captain, he began with his crew attacking commercial ships for two years. But after some time, Jack and his all ship crew converted to Islām, stopped drinking *******, and got married to an Italian woman who also embraced the religion of truth.

He served in the Ottoman Empire in the last years of his life and with his new Arabic name, he was considered a ******* in Europe where several writers attacked him in their books by saying that he was the Christian Apostate.

Jack Sparrow or Yūsuf Reis is a character who has been played in many Hollywood movies, but all these characters are just fictional and untrue from the real one.

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