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Feb 11, 2021
Natan's Diary
MGL Emvie

We will commence the operation to time travel. No one knows the effects of this project but if I lose my memory, this diary will help me remember the mission I set to do; to prevent the forever war. The seed of forever war was planted a thousand years ago when Abyss's major advance against the Moniyan Empire began.

The dark forces marched throught the Moonlit Forest. Taking the Moniyan territory from the south was the plan. Tigreal's imperial knights prepared and marched out to meet the Abyss but Miya, distrusting the humans, halted the knights in the border. "Humans shall not take another step in Izirea!" she said. But she would regret that decision as they fail to contain the great forces of Abyss later. The Shadow Swamp was completely occupied and hordes of demons pushed through the Stormeye Wasteland. Sooner, before the knights arrived to save what was left in the Lunar Temple and Azrya Woodlands, the feared Fire Demon burned the Tree of Life, weakening the elves further.

The defenders and the forces of Abyss in the Lunar Temple came into a stalemate. An impregnable defense and a nonstop assault became the daily show, while skirmishes in the western Azrya Woodlands was like battles under a chessboard. The situation continued for months until a horrible news arrived in Tigreal's camp. Vexanna unleashed thousands of undeads from the Necrokeep and the west of Moniyan Empire fell in immidiate danger. The vanguard units were positioned to fortify the south and the Azrya Woodlands, so castles adjacent to Azure Lake quickly fell in weeks. The City of Scholars also suffered but the undead takevover was prevented. However, the blood of our brethren and the scars of that nightmare had forever stained the walls and barriers of our city, Eruditio.

The Lightborn Capital of the Moniyan Empire fought a loosing battle, and their territory dwindled. The combined forces of Abyss and Vexanna pushed the human army further north. The retreat cut the connection with the vanguard forces in Azrya Woodlands and distrupped the chain of command in the region, marking the fall of the Lightborn Capital.

The Empire failed to take Necrokeep into consideration, and their nobles halt the development in military action. If they paid enough attention, even if Eruditio serve as buffer, Eruditio and the lands near the Azure Lake would have not suffered that devastation. And perhaps, if Miya did not became stubborn, the vanguard would not be so occupied defending the south, and Abyss and Vexanna would not be able to accumulate that much power. I should change those stupid decision or I will again see people serving as livestock, living in misery. I shall prevent the Dark Forces in becoming the nightmares in the wakefulness and in sleep!

Probably, the only right call during the dawn of forever war was thought by Tigreal when he realized the reason why the undead in the north of Lunar Temple never attacked. He was surprised to see his rival leading the undead. Leomord. With Miya, the three of them meet in secret.

"Vexanna's power no more extends to our minds. The power of my Oath Keeper had broken the shäçkles of her necromancy. The undead I brought are no more affected by the evil powers of Vexanna. Now, we wanted to fight for the true peace. We wish you to give my people the place for us."

Tigreal expressed the loyalty and honor of a knight. As knights who had crossed blades, Tigreal and Leomord was able to know what their blades are fighting for. Therefore, Miya agreed and thus, the Triumvirate Alliance was formed. For hundreds of years, the Triumvirate Alliance fought the Dark Forces (faction of Necrokeep and Abyss), and the Black Dragon, who thought that the Alliance and the Dark Forces were acting as one. The misunderstanding between the Cadia Riverlands and the Alliance became a thorn in the alliance and it kept them from making a decisive move in the former Moniyan Empire. This was a task for me to clear up the simple misunderstanding that would later grow into bloody battles and unrecoverable rift between the two forces. We should have one enemy only, the Dark Forces!

The time-travel machine dictates the year but a pin point date to the second is impossible. Discrepancy in seconds input and seconds of actual arrival is dangerous. Worst, atoms of my body will be sent in different times. Example, my limbs will be sent one minute later than my body, and that my head will arrive after one hour, that-- will kill me. The tech of time travel has yet to ripe, so computing delays are needed. Imagine a portal closing halfway as subject cross through space, it will cut the subject! Shortening the time gap requires calculations that push our systems into limits plus the distance of time strains the machine more, it was initially impossible to accumulate enough source of energy. Thanks that we discovered to use the destructive energy of the twilight orb, but still, the corruption of the Abyss still needed the energy of Eruditio to work to change its nature. So, the time gap... we cannot simply risk the city further.

To arrive before the Dark Forces came into secret understanding is ideal, but later than the formation of the Triumvirate Alliance is bad as the Abyss was also stirring things in the Agelta Drylands. During the time spent on planning, the Alliance didn't knew that the hordes of undead and demon had completely wiped out the fighting force in the Moniyan Empire and Azrya Woodlands. We need those forces to push Vexanna and the Abyss back in the Barren Lands, or capture Necrokeep. Perhaps, the Monastery of Light destroyed records have magical knowledge to seal the growing ***** in the ***** of the Abyss. Technology cannot simply mend the nature of that *****.

So please, wish me good luck! This is for peace and for the future.

Author's Note: "Thanks for reading! I am not professional but I try to provide entertainment through beautiful stories. I wanted to improvemy writing more so I needed reader's feedbacks. Comment your thoughts, thank you!" ~~Emvie

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