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Stories mama


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Aug 31, 2015
in a house thier was a son a daughter and a mother but no father, the father had died during a tradgic car accident so, now it has been only 4months since dad had died and the whole family has been grieving over that death now suddenly the mother is becoming ill and, the son went to the pharmacy to get medicine for his mother ,the daughter was with her mother comforting her , then when the daughter had gone to the kitchen to prepare food for her and her mother,she then heard a big thud and she rush to see what had happen, and she had seen that her mother had fallen to the ground, the daughter cried and cried and she tried to get her up but it didnt work then she started sobbing saying MAMA MAMA GET UP MAMA PLEASE DONT GO!!,then the son got home in time and he asked what was wrong and he took a long look and paused and he started to cry saying MAMA MAMA dropping the medicine on the ground he rushed to the telephone and called the doctor. then the doctor said that your mother has cancer and if we dont get it treated you'll loose your mother ,then the son asked how much would it cost to do the operation? then the doctor said about 250,000 dollars then the daughter and son said we dont have that kind of money. the doctor sighed and said im sorry but we cant do the operation. but they still rushed thier mother to the hospital and as soon as they got there their mother ended up in a coma they tried waking up their mother but nothing happend the doctors did all they can but she had died at the hospital now their were alot of grieving for a lost mother.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!
Credits to respectful owner (Y)

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