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Love and Relationships: How Should Millennials Handle Falling in Love, the Biblical Way?

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Feb 12, 2019

How Should Millennials Handle Falling in Love, the Biblical Way?​

In what they call digital age, the so-called millennials, or today’s Generation Z, have differing attitudes towards love and relationships. But it’s not only the younger generation that displays a liberal stand on this matter but also those who were born way, way ahead. Many take relationships as a mere game, something that is done for fun only, something that shouldn’t be taken seriously. And being such, they do not settle with just one partner; sometimes they have romantic relationships with more than one person. And fidelity seems to be out of the question.

Is that how God wants us to regard relationships, specifically, the relationship between a man and a woman?

The will of God is for us to be faithful to our partners, or sweethearts. And to show God that you are faithful to your partner, even if you are not married yet, you should no longer flirt with others. You should not even send text messages to another because that is usually how infidelity begins. If you are already engaged in a relationship you should not go out with anybody anymore. Let us not practice what the ungodly people do for they just take relationships for fun.

JAMES 5:12 says,

But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.

That is the law of the Gospel. And this law is not just for a group but also for those who are in a relationship. That is why if a woman has committed herself to be in a relationship with a man, she should no longer entertain other men. The same applies with the man. The moment that he commits himself to a woman in a relationship, he should refrain from displaying himself to other women and he should stop hanging out with friends the way he used to.

What is the implication if a man, who is already in a relationship, is found to be in relationship also with another woman simultaneously?

JAMES 1:7-8 says,

7 For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.
8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

When can a man be considered double minded? When he claims that he loves more than one woman. He must be crazy! You can never love two at the same time. Christ said that the two shall be one flesh. Never did He say that the three, or four, or five shall be one flesh. That cannot be! The three, or four, or five can never be one flesh and spirit. There will surely be envy and jealousy and strife.

When it comes to romantic relationships, God does not permit a third party. It should be between one man and one woman only. A man should not take two women at the same time. During the time of the Israelites, anyone who commits that is burnt.

LEVITICUS 20:14 says,

And if a man take a wife and her mother, it is wickedness: they shall be burnt with fire, both he and they; that there be no wickedness among you.

That is an example of an unforgivable sin. A man who takes the mother of his wife and makes her his concubine is committing an unforgivable sin. And during the time of the Israelites, all the three of them shall be burnt to death.

Now, what does it teach us? As written in II TIMOTHY 3:16,

All Scriptures is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

You cannot have two sweethearts, or two spouses, at the same time. If you do that, it would mean that you are a “double minded man”. And as mentioned in JAMES 1:7, “... for let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.”

Apparently, that is something very serious. If you are a double minded man you would not receive anything from God – both spiritual and material.

JAMES 1:8 also said that “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” So, ladies, beware! Do not ever fall in love with a double minded man even if he happens to be the handsomest of all. Supposing that you already have a feeling for that man, suppress that feeling. If you insist in having a relationship with that kind of man, it’s just like committing suicide. As the word of God said, that man shall not receive anything from Him. In the sight of God, that man is wicked.

In other words, before you enter into a relationship, think about it very well. Be sure that you are his only one, and will always be the only one. Do not make hasty decisions which, later on, you will regret.
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