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help assembly programmers


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Sa mga assembly programmers, mayroon po ba kayong marerecommend na books/e-books para sa total beginners sa assembly programming? May project po kaming naisip ng mga kaibigan ko, pero pakiramdam ko malilimitahan kami sa mga common programming languages ngayon kaya dito nalang po ako hihingi ng onting tulong. TIA!

Deleted member 1791944

sana makatulong sa mangangailangan in the future...


8086 16-bit ba ? or 80386 higher like masm32?
Kung DOS 8086 16bit , "The Art of Assembly Language" ni Randal Hyde yung DOS version wag yung HLA.
Kung masm32 win32 api , ito kay Ranma You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now. , he uses a Rapid Application Development para sa Assembly Language called RADASM You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.
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salamat ng marami! mukhang yan po ata yung kailangan ko (yung masm32)


ipagsabay mo ung book at paggamit ng debugger aralin mo ung pag step sa debugger, pag view ng mga registers at pag view ng memory, ang recommended ko ung ollydbg cguro naman 32 bits application lang gagawin nyong project, anong project gagawin nyo kung okay lang tanungin
Meow Meow Meow
Kailangan mo ng Interfacing dyan dapat alam ang Serial Communication Protocol like UART , I2P etc , mukhang masakit sa ulo yan. Kung ako sa yo Focus ka muna sa 8086 DOS , or masm32 Win32 , or NES gameboy or 6502.
Masmaganda siguro gawin niyong project ay Text User Interface using VGA mode 13h sa TASM or MASM.


this kind of project is feasible sa Python.. you could use PANDAS for your data analysis needs and SCIKIT-LEARN for machine learning needs , MATHLAB for your DIP or Video Analysis. but i would suggest na first is e secure nyo muna ang hardware nyo this kind of projects need alot of computing power lalo na sa computation na part sa ml. it could be solve by uploading your project to a PAAS provider aleast sa cloud ang computing plus flexible pa. the next hurdle will be your data sets ang the algo nyo on how to train your ML. either you could do it on a neural network approach or something else its up to you.. pwede pa kayo mag research more on some program na halos same ng spects sa inyo mosly nasa Python lahat ng ML projects kasi madaming library ang Python for this kind of projects :) but better read first Turing Test para mag ka idea kayo. GLHF TS

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