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English to tagalog explanation. Pa help po.


Jan 28, 2020
Guys. Pa explain naman sakin sa tagalog yung mga benefits neto. Irereport kolang kase. Pa explain naman sakin na oarang pinapaliwanag nyo po. Sana ma help nyoko. Respect post nalang po. Salamat po in advance.

12 Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts

Increased power: the ability to execute realistic self defense techniques with increased speed, accuracy and force

Increased strength: depending on the style practiced, you can expect to see increased strength in both upper and lower body. Primarily, increased core strength

Increased flexibility/range of motion: greater range of motion in all major limbs

Better balance: Many techniques require strong balance. The more a student practices these techniques, the better their balance will become.

Improved breathing: the ability to control ones breathing, remain calm under stress and focus on the objective

Increased stamina: train longer and with greater intensity as the month continues.

Weight loss: People who have a few pounds to lose will find that martial arts training burns calories faster than most other activities available to them

Greater resistance to stress: with greater physical strength and endurance, your ability to resist external stresses will also increase

Stress Relief: As with many forms of exercise, martial arts is great for relieving stress. One advantage martial arts has over the gym or working out alone is the human connection; you’re training alongside new friends typically and that usually feels good

Increased focus: martial arts requires your full attention. You must be “in the moment” to have a productive training session. This type of practice carries over to other daily activities (driving, conversing, exercising, dinner with friends…etc.)

Improved sleep: Martial Arts training is a full body workout and the physical requirements are unconventional and somewhat unpredictable…so you will be tired after class, and you’ll sleep like a baby

Technical proficiency: obviously, if you are learning and practicing martial arts techniques, your skills will improve
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increased power : part na kaya mo nang gawin or i apply yung self defense techniques ng maayos at walang problema, kaya mong i depensa yung sarili mo

Increased strenght : depende sa style ng pag practice mo . if kung ginagawa mo naman ng maayos yung style ( Mixed Martial Arts ) then papalakasin neto yung upper body mo and lower body syempre mag build din ito ng muscles.

Increased flexibility/range of motion :If yung mga style ( Mixed Martial Arts ) ay ginagawa mo naman , eto naman yung part na kaya ng katawan mo na gumalaw ng mas mabilis and since flexible na yung katawan mo . di kna mahihirapan style na need ng flexi na galaw (split , kick , tumbling mga ganyan flexi . disasakit yung katawan mo pag ginawa mo yan.)

Better balance: eto yung style na ituturo sa inyo is need ng balance (dapat hindi ka tutumba) na dapat is kung mag pa ikot ikot ka sa ere is dapat standing parin yung bagsak mo the more na i practice mo to . the more na kaya mong mag balance sa mga style na gagwin mo . (parang boxing dapat di ka tutumba)

Improved breathing : yan eto yung importante , kase sa stamina . yung mga athlete need nila mag improve ng breathing (swimming , boxing , runner , basketball ) kase kung kakapusin sila ng hininga di sila tatagal sa laban mapapagod kagad sila.. so kapag kaya mong mag control ng paghinga mo .. yung objective mo hindi masisira.

Increased stamina: tibay ng katawan eto yung kahit tumagal yung laban or yung ginagawa mo . is hindi ka kagad napapagod..

Weight loss: dapat naman dito is physically fit ka. martial arts training daw is more na kaya nyang mag bawas ng taba kesa sa ibang mga activities .(siguro ibang sports..)

Greater resistance to stress : eto yung ability na kaya mong tiis yung mga (external stress ?? : yung mga take back ng mga tama. galing sa kalaban or practice) kaya mong tagalan yung mga yun.

Stress Relief : eto naman sabi is yung martial arts daw is magandang reliver ng pagod . (parang yung yoga) and syempre may makikilala kang bagong tao na makakasama mo din sa training and nakakagaan ng mood.

Increased focus: martial arts is need ng full attention or focus , "in the moment means" sya lang yung masa utak mo yung gusto mong gawin. para yung mind set mo is maganda yung
kakalabasan ng result ng ginagawa mo.

Improved sleep: Martial Arts, well kase sobrang nakakapagod nga sya , then yung body mo is need na ng pahinga so , this is good kung gusto mong mag improve yung sleeping mo .

Technical proficiency: kapag lagi mong ginagawa ng tama , ginagamit inaaply yung natutunan mo sa martial arts . syempre mag lelevel up yung skills mo . and magiging sobrang easy nlng
sya sayo pag tagal tagal (di tulad nung baguhan ka palang sobrang hirap ng training.)

eto po yung makakaya kong makatulong .. sana makatulong sayo to.. heheheheh

good luck,
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ahhhh... Ganun po. Sige po. Salamat po uli.

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