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Stories A Friend Found in a Long Journey


Feb 11, 2021
A Friend Found in a Long Journey
MGL Emvie

There's a tale that few had heard where a travelling witch met the legendary creature that lurks in the shadows of Azyra Woodlands. Valentina was venturing the woodlands in search of the heart of anima. She had spent decades to find the mythical artifact, not leaving a single stone in Moniyan Empire unturned. Her first failure brought her to Azrya Woodlands and thus the most of unusual friendships came into.

Valentina was a human of noble birth and an ancestor of the Paxley household. She fell in love with an elf but fate dictates sorrow as the god of death took her lover from the world. Learning that the heart of anima could bring back the dead, Valentina left for a long journey; to find the heart and bring back her dead lover. Only few had saw her as she moved in the shadows. But those who recognized her considered her a witch because the curse of aging didn't seemed to affect her, and time had yet to murder her.

Valentina gazed at the map while she clawed her way through the thorny vines.

"The Lunar Temple should be nearby." she said. But these woods and swamp weren't drawn on the map.

For several centuries, the Azrya Woodlands swallowed soldiers and travellers; lost in the forest and never to return. The dangers of these woods were real. This maze was the natural fortifications of the elves. But the real dangers came not from loosing direction but from the beasts and monsters, lurking on the forest's shadows. A tiger could leap from a side, a venomous snake could strike from the covers of bushes, or an equally horrid creature could plunge through the trees and pin down Valentina to feast on her blood and flesh
Valentina crouched as she made sure her steps didn't break the deafening silence of forest. This must be the area that the Imperial soldiers dare not to enter. But before she took a huge step, Valentina felt a cotton-soft sensation under her feet as if she stepped the umbrella of a mushroom. The ground seemed to wobble and it sucked her boots a little. "Strange." she said, as the cold wind blew and showered her with leaves.

"Nothing's strange here! You are the strange one." a voice so low and so slow echoed in all the trunks of the trees. The direction of the source unknown.

"Where are you! Show yourself!" Valentina said. She turned towards a peculiar boulder near a clump of grasses. It seemed that it moved. The grasses behind that stone were lying flat as if some anaconda slithered on it. She stared for three seconds until what looked like a tar or a mud shoot as if the boulder spits at her. That mud splattered in Valentina's boots so she rushed two steps backwards and leapt away from that pool of mud.

It wasn't sticky.

Before Valentina could bury herself in the bushes, the boulder created two *****s, and from that *****s it showed its scarlet eyes. Its eyes were like the raging flame and when the covering leaves and sands fell, it showed its twisted color skin. It stretched its arms up and slammed it's fists to Valentina's direction.

Valentina tried to cast a spell but before she could wave her arms, the creature sprang at her direction. What looked like a goo splashed upon impact, this time the splattered mud looked heavy and sticky. It tried to capture Valentina. But the creature didn't stretched enough to reach her.

Valentina fled like a discovered food-s†éáling cat. She rushed through the thick bushes not minding the rough vines and itchy leaves. Even though, the shrubs scratched her skin and face, she pushed forward. She cannot let herself be captured and eaten. She had to find the heart of anima. Her lover awaits her and she wanted to see him once more.

But like a sandcastle crushing down, the big monster fell and spread on the ground, turning into little monsters of same shape and color. It looked small and cute but more tenacious as its quick to pursue Valentina. Their lips smile.

Valentina gazed back and the creature has caught up! She turned back and exhaled from the top of her lungs.

Before the creature could reach her, it stopped. And then it spoke, "You stopped?"

"That eyes. That smirk!" Valentina claimed.


"I've been into many battles and I've seen almost all kinds of eyes. The one who fears death, those who are in pain, anguish, anger, and hatred. But yours looked gentle like the flames of a candlelight."

"Gentle? So why... run?"

"Even I can get surprised." "You can reason so you're not a beast. What are you?"

"We are Gloo." the creature said, and the little Gloo monsters stacked together until the mighty beast returned to its former form.

"Gloo, can you show me the way to the Lunar Temple?"

"I'm like the guardian of this place, so I ask why--"

"The heart of anima, an artifact that can raise the dead."

"In Izirea, life is sacred, death also. Magic like that, don't exist here. Can I show the way out of this forest instead?

True. The elves respects life and death. The heart of anima would be taboo for them and they would not hid the it in their sacred temple.

Valentina decided her next adventure. Moniyan Empire, then Azrya Woodlands. Next is Agelta Drylands, where magic of ancient civilizations still exist.

At the back of the forest, Gloo and Valentina bid their farewells.

"You're first. You keep conscious seeing us. You will be back?"

"Probably, when I found heart anima and comes to revive my beloved. So until then, farewell my friend."

"Friend? Our very first friend? Yes, we wish you good luck!"

And then Valentina turned east to continue her decades long journey in Agelta Drylands.

Author's Note: "Thank you for reading this short story. I am trying to be a man of literature but I am not professional. I wish to provide stories more beautiful and more entertaining. So please, I need your help. Comment your constructive criticisms, thoughts, and opinions about this story. Finally, thank you and have a wonderful day!"


Thanks for sharing ts. Maganda yung pagkakasulat ng story. May mga points lang na medyo nakakalito dahil naka quote lang sya at wala yung kung sino nagsasalita.


What is your opinion about the story? Can you identify the genre of the story? If you identify it correctly then it means the story is better than I think.

tropa pala sila ni gloo hahha
Solo adventurer yan si Lola Valentina Paxley, at hidden creature naman si Gloo. Ang buong Land of Dawn ay halos walang alam sa whereabouts at whatabouts sa kanila. So, magseserve na filler ang story na ito sa cannon lore ng ML.

Thanks for sharing ts. Maganda yung pagkakasulat ng story. May mga points lang na medyo nakakalito dahil naka quote lang sya at wala yung kung sino nagsasalita.
Super thanks for your feedback. Next time when I write the story, I will give extra care to dialogues and their tags. Mas pagagandahin ko pa ang dialogue lines sa next stories ko upang mas exciting at nakatututwa ang bawat bibitiwan nilang mga salita.
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