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Flight Unlimited is a 1995 aerobatic flight simulator video game developed and published by LookingGlass Technologies. It allows players to pilot reproductions of real-world aircraft and to perform aerobatic maneuvers. They may fly freely, race through floating rings against a timer or take lessons from a virtual flight instructor. The instructor teaches basic and advanced techniques, ranging from rudder turns to maneuvers such as the tailslide, Lomcovák and Immelmann turn.
Flight Unlimited was the first self-published game released by Looking Glass Technologies. It was intended to establish the company as a video game publisher and to compete with flight simulator franchises such as Microsoft Flight Simulator. Project leader Seamus Blackley, a particle physicist and amateur pilot, conceived the game in 1992. He felt that other flight simulators failed to convey the experience of real flight, and he reacted by coding a simulated atmosphere for Flight Unlimited based on real-time computational fluid dynamics. Aerobatic pilot Michael Goulian endorsed the game and assisted the team in making it more true to life.
Flight Unlimited received positive reviews from critics and was a commercial success; its sales exceeded 780,000 copies by 2002. Reviewers lauded its realism, flight instruction, graphics and sense of flight, but some criticized its high system requirements. The game was followed by two sequels: Flight Unlimited II (1997) and Flight Unlimited III (1999). A combat-oriented successor, Flight Combat, was released in 2002 as Jane's Attack Squadron after a series of setbacks. Soon after Flight Unlimited's completion, Blackley was fired from Looking Glass. He went on to design Jurassic Park: Trespasser at DreamWorks Interactive and later spearhead the Xbox project at Microsoft.

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    Help May app kayong alam na pwede unlimited text and call?

    may alam kayong ganyan? app sa phone? para makatipid sa load
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    Closed Gs + coc bug: sikretong sangkap para sa non-expiring unlimited texting to all networks (not working)

    May mga nagtatanong sa akin na ilang mga kaPHC members bakit daw wala silang unlimited text na nakukuha after maBug si Globe Switch gamit ang GoSURF 50 + COC promo. Ang ilan, kung makakuha man ng unlimited texting ay sumasabay din sa expiry day ng promo na binili nila which is 1 day or 7 days...
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    Closed Globe switch unlimited text bug still working?

    Sa mga nakapagbug ng globe switch "gs50 1gb data + 300mb for apps + unlimited texting" gamit ang COC5 pero hindi na nakapagextend nito: Working pa ba sa inyo ang text bug even after mahigit ng 4 days expired ang COC5 promo niyo? Sa akin kasi yung isang SIM ko nakakapagtext pa rin baka sa inyo...
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    Closed Unlimited Text to All Networks Working 100%

    Note: For Globe Users Only! (Hindi ko alam kung gumagana to sa TM) Requirements: - Php15 load Or - Php20 load Itext niyo to pareho sa 2170 * Kung 15 peso load ang meron ka itext mo TXT15 (unlimited text to all networks + 30mb internet for 3 days may free facebook din) *Kung 20 peso load...
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    Closed smart unlimited text promo

    Tanong lang po. Sa mga smart user dyan.. Ano po pinakamurang promo ni smart? Kahit unlitext lang din to smart. Baka kasi maexpired sim ko di ko naloloadan e. Salamat sa mga sasagot.
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    Closed unlimited text to all network

    may bug po ba kayo sa tm unli text to all network??
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    Closed unli text bug

    Hello mga ka-phc. Newbie po ako, naduduling na po ko kakabasa paulit ulit ng mga tut. Karamihan po sa mga unli text bugs e di na po woking. Meron po ba kau na latest unli text bug for tm or globe? Salamat po sa papansin. Puro not working or walang update mga nababasa ko po.

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