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Shamrock Rovers Football Club (Irish: Cumann Peile Ruagairí na Seamróige) is an Irish association football club based in Tallaght, South Dublin. The club's senior team competes in the League of Ireland Premier Division and it is the most successful club in the Republic of Ireland. The club has won the League of Ireland title a record 19 times and the FAI Cup a record 25 times. Shamrock Rovers have supplied more players to the Republic of Ireland national football team (62) than any other club. In All-Ireland competitions, such as the Intercity Cup, they hold the record for winning the most titles, having won seven cups overall.Shamrock Rovers were founded in Ringsend, Dublin. The official date of the club's foundation is 1899. They won the League title at the first attempt in the 1922–23 season and established themselves as Republic of Ireland most successful club by 1949, winning 44 major trophies. During the 1950s, the club won three League titles and two FAI Cups and became the first Irish team to compete in European competition, playing in the European Cup in 1957.They followed this by winning a record six FAI Cups in succession in the 1960s, when they were also one of the European club teams that spent the summer of 1967 in the United States, founding the United Soccer Association. They won the first of four League titles in a row in 1983–84, after a long decline.
The club played at Glenmalure Park from 1926 to 1987 when the owners controversially sold the stadium to property developers. Shamrock Rovers spent the next 22 years playing home games at various venues around Dublin and on occasions, Ireland. They moved into Tallaght Stadium prior to the start of the 2009 season after years of delays and legal disputes, during which time the club's supporters saved them from extinction.
Shamrock Rovers wore green and white striped jerseys until 1926 when they adopted the green and white hooped strip that they have worn ever since. Their club badge has featured a football and a shamrock throughout their history. The club has a relatively large support base and shares an intense rivalry with Bohemian Football Club and St Patrick’s Athletic. On 26 August 2011 Rovers became the first Irish side to reach the group stages of either of the top two European competitions by beating Partizan Belgrade in the play-off round of the Europa League.

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  1. H

    DITO Todo data 10

    Pa avail po. Gcash po yung mode of payment
  2. M

    Haikyuu Latest Movie

    Hello po baka meron na po kayo g update nito. Thank you. 😊🥺
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    Thank You Po Sir Draft, Dark Na Ang Playlist.

    Draft thank you po sir Dark na ang playlist. Sakto Favorite ko ang mga Black :Hearts:
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    Lord Thank You po

    LORD Thank You Po Fil Product is Back enjoy and God Bless You all Filproducts TV APK for Android Download
  5. K

    Help G SHOCK GA900 6A

    paano po mag autolight ang shock GA 900 6A? THANK YOU PO SA MAKASAGOT
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    Help Quilbot pasabit po.sobrang thank you po

    Mga lods baka pede po pasabit po ng quilbot,need ko lang po.salamat po
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    Thank You po Again

    Just dropping by to say thank you , Kahit minsanan na lang ako nakakapost kasi busy na sa outside world... no doubt fave tambayan ko pa din ito ,nakakaaward pa din kahit papaano ,thank you po ,much appreciated😘 Love you always PHC fam
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    Closed Pa help namn paano ba to makuha dn8245w

    sana sino man nakakaalam default password neto recovery ..ubg tulad sa pldtmydsl na pag default pwede makuha pla help salamat po ung DN8245W HUAWEI ATA YAN
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    Closed Thanks sa pag established

    Sa wakas established na ako thanks po talaga
  10. D

    Closed Help mga master..

    Mga master pano e input ang Code galing sa GCash? Salamat
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    Closed Help plss

    Paano po ito? Updated naman po yong http injector ko l. Pa help po pls
  12. P

    Closed Data connectio

    Mga master bigla naglaho yung data connection ko.may paraan po ba para mabalik 24 hrs na.wala paring lumalabas na data connetion.salamat po.
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    Closed Maraming salamat po ph corner

    Yey, established na ko ulit hihi, malaki pong tulong internet sa pag aaral ko, salamat po ng marami,
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    Closed Ano apps?

    anong magandang apps pang download ng movie? salamat sa makakasagot
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    Closed Openline

    HUAWEI E5330 IMEI: 868988021958613
  16. J

    Closed Paano palakasin ang config

    Paano ko po papalakasin ang ginawa Kong ehi Kay http injector sa globe
  17. J

    Closed Ano pong payload ang malakas

  18. J

    Closed Paano po iroot

  19. R

    Closed Established status

    Good Morning po sa inyong lahat. Sana po maibalik na pagiging Established ko. Wala po akong FB at Twitter account so Google Account na lang po ginamit ko. Sana po mapansin ito ni sir Draft.(Hindi ko po kasi siya mai PM) Have a nice day Minna!!!
  20. F

    Closed Tmc5 stop

    pano po istop yung tmc5 reward ? natry ko na po ung TMREW OFF, TMC5REWARD STOP, TMC5 STOP.. d parin po nagwork eh, Salamat po sa sagot
  21. R

    Closed Apn problem

    Good morning po. Magtatry po kasi ako ng apn sana. Kaso po kapag pipiliin ko na yung apn na itatry ko automatic na bumabalik sa default globe apn. Paulit ulit ko pong pinipili yung isang apn at paulit ulit din siyang babalik sa default. Bakit kaya ganun? Nagkakaganito din po ba ang inyo...
  22. R

    Closed Ehi can't download?

    Good morning po. Nagtataka lang po ako. Malakas naman pp yung ehi na gamit ko (thank you po sa nagshare!) Pero po di po siya makadownload ng big files. Dati naman po nakakadl ako. 200mb up po pero ngayon ayaw na po talaga. Laging nagfefail. Bakit po kaya? And isa pa po. Yung default po sa...
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    Closed New bie sir

    hello pa welcome po sakin
  24. Y

    Closed Help

    Pano po mag palit nang profile pic?
  25. J

    Closed Help!

    Could someone teach me how to use psiphon handler 100.0 ui.. Thank You Guys :) ..
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    Closed TinyTunnel for Smart (TCP-UDP) [RO|DE]

    We would like to introduce the TinyTunnel, our mission is to make the internet free and open to everyone. This is a project of SquashVPN. I received an email from princedastan79 and he said. What to be expect in TinyTunnel Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlock Restricted Websites, and Bypass Hardware...
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    Hi po.. sino po may alam kung paanu e häçk ang free internet sa sun using cellphone po? pa help po

    hi po.. sino po may alam kung paanu e häçk ang free internet sa sun using cellphone po? pa help po
  28. R

    help 622 2010

    help po sa bm622 2010 package, ang telnet username:user at ang password:0SlO051O hindi q po machange mac kc hindi daw nkaenable ang telnet ng 622 q pero nkaenable nman ang telnet s pc q?! maraming salmat po!!!!!!!!!
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    Salamat :)

    andami ko pong natututunan sa site na ito :)))) maraming salamat po sa pag share ng mga häçks and other promos ;) hahhahah

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