A stellar collision is the coming together of two stars caused by stellar dynamics within a star cluster, or by the orbital decay of a binary star due to stellar mass loss or gravitational radiation, or by other mechanisms not yet well understood.
Astronomers predict that events of this type occur in the globular clusters of our galaxy about once every 10,000 years. On 2 September 2008 scientists first observed a stellar merger in Scorpius (named V1309 Scorpii), though it was not known to be the result of a stellar merger at the time.Any stars in the universe can collide, whether they are "alive", meaning fusion is still active in the star, or "dead", with fusion no longer taking place. White dwarf stars, neutron stars, black holes, main sequence stars, giant stars, and supergiants are very different in type, mass, temperature, and radius, and so react differently.A gravitational wave event that occurred on 25 August 2017, GW170817, was reported on 16 October 2017 to be associated with the merger of two neutron stars in a distant galaxy, the first such merger to be observed via gravitational radiation.

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    PC App STellar Data Recovery

    Sino po merong account or keys neto, badly needed lang talaga, accidently na delete ng anak ko mga lahat ng files sa external ko. baka pwede po pasabit. Salamat! :cry:
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    Tools Stellar Repair for Photo v8.7.0.2 (All Editions) + craaack

    Stellar Repair for Photo Overview Stellar Repair for Photo software is the best DIY tool to repair corrupt or damaged photos having .JPG or .JPEG file extension. If your JPEG images appear distorted, split, blurred, pixelated, software will help you resurrect your prized memories. Key Features...
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    Stellar Data Recovery Overview Stellar Data Recovery is a complete solution to recover lost data from your hard disks and removable drives. It is a complete solution for all your data loss problems. The powerful scan engine of the software does a thorough scan of the selected storage device...
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    Despite medal limit, Carlos Yulo to earn nearly P800,000 after stellar SEA Games run

    MANILA, Philippines – Nearly P800,000 in cash incentives await Carlos Yulo following another impressive campaign in the Southeast Asian Games. The gymnastics star ended the SEA Games as arguably the Philippines’ best performing athlete despite a medal cap imposed by host Cambodia as he captured...
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    Tools Stellar Repair for Excel baka meron kayo?

    Help baka po meron kayo activation key for Stellar Repair for Excel.. Thanks in advance. :)
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    Stellar Toolkit for Data Recovery v10.5.0.0 (x64) Patched

    Stellar Toolkit for Data Recovery Overview Hidden content Stellar Toolkit for Data Recovery is a set of comprehensive software tools to recover lost or inaccessible data from logically failed or corrupt Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system and storage devices. The toolkit recovers missing or...
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    PC App Stellar Data Recovery(Free)

    Kung kailangan mo ma recover ang mga files mo, ito sana maka tulong sayo. Effective ito lalo sa mga hindi inaasahang files na nawala mo, i think kaya din nito mag recover ng mga lumang files. Hindi ko pa sure pero kasi nakapag recover ako ng files ko sa lumang mga HDD ko. Goodluck! Have a nice...
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    Closed earn free stellar - coinbase

    search nyo sa playstore free stellar gain - Freecoins kayo na bahala gumawa ng bot di ako marunong hehehe
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    Closed XLM Stellar Farming

    Baka pwede pahingi poh ng Stellars for account activation lang please poh. Thanks mga kaPHC. eto stellar Address ko: GDIC6SAPPNK5FVHAPM6WYDY3R6FRXJYVLBMSNZDMI7SMRPWTRLHBAMVI Thanks poh.
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    Closed Any Stellar Faucet na legit?

    Any stellar faucet na legit? dagdag income lang hihe
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    Closed Alam nyo ba na pwede tayong kumita sa crypto currency na stellar/lumens?

    Hi Guys, Curious lang ako sa mga Cryptocurrency ngayon kasi lumalaki na ang value ng mga cryptocoin, kaya tinry ko na ulit ang Stellar. Wala itong referral link promise, share ko lang since nasa General Chat section tayo. Para naman kumita din kayo habang nag bbrowse online. Eto yung short...
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    Closed Pay per post forum ( stellar xlm lumens )

    Una sa lahat ano ba ang Stellar XLM Lumens? A. Ang Stellar Lumens (XLM) ay isang Cryptocurrency (a digital currency) meaning Pera na Hindi gawa sa Papel ito po ay digital. Q. Pwede po bang Ipalit ang Stellar Lumens (XLM) sa tunay na pera? A. Oo! Panu? Through Trading ( )...
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