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    Cheat Mu origin hero

    Hello there;2 years ago we opened the first M Origin Legend in Turkey and our technical facility and we had to close due to server failure've activated again.Many of you know our play and the players forum, we stand behind user is we do until the end of the business and we continue to stand 2...
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    Closed [mu] kingdom | s9 ep2 | world high x7000 on august 5

    Website: Forum: Events: Facebook Fanpage: HIGH x7000 Reopening on August 5 at 17:00 (Server Time)Information about server: Version...
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    Closed MUSERVER | S6E3 | NO RR | 1000x | NON-RESET

    Team's Mission- To OFFER a Wonderful Server NOT PAY-TO-WIN but PLAY-FOR-FUN. Where everyone can play which ever character they want. Where players enjoy, LEVELING, HUNTING, UPGRADING and DUELING in-game.- To OFFER a Long Term Service that promotes diversity – dynamically changing in-game...