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The men's Association football tournament has been held at every session of the African Games since 1965. Women's competition was added in 2003.
Since 1991, age limit for men teams is under-23, same as the age limit in football competitions at the Summer Olympics.

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    Closed Saan po ba pwede mag download nang games sa laptap

    Pa tulong mga boss. sana may makatulong kung saan pwede makadownload nang mga games sa laptap
  2. G

    Closed 8 ball pool cash or cue häçk

    Pano Po Maka häçk Ng Legendary Cue Sa 8 Ball Pool At Maraming Cash? Pa Help Po Thanks
  3. M

    Closed Full game *****s! pasok!

    GUYs Share ko sa inyo mga kinukuhanan ko ng games LINK : = HIT LIKE AND COMMENT salamat.. sharing is giving
  4. S

    Closed Help po

    San po pwedeng mag DL ng mga Games like Battlefield 1, RE 7 Biohazard Thanks a lot po
  5. Y

    Closed Fantasy chronicles unli gem

    Hi mga ka ph, Confirm ko lng po kung totoo bang meron unlimited gem sa fantasy chronicles? Salamat po :)
  6. R

    Closed Swamp attack mod

    Sino po meron? Pa link please. Salamat
  7. Y

    Closed World of tanks

    mga bossing sino dito nag lalaro ng world of tanks SEA server..
  8. G

    Closed Games

    Ano po kaya magandang games ngayon na pang android? Thank you :)
  9. S

    Closed Please Download this app games a CasinglotVines PinoyQuiz

    guyz ito ang link download nyo po
  10. E

    Closed Android game

    Baka matulungan nyu ako Gusto ko sana ng Game na STREET FIGHTER IV sa android english at working talaga... maraming thanks!
  11. W

    Closed BEST web for GAMES

    eto ang website for android games.. lahat nandito.. walang bayad ang download.. search kung anong gusto niyo... like it!!
  12. J

    Closed Adventure Quest Worlds Online MMORPG game

    hello guys, share ko lang tong nilalaro ko at ng mga pinsan ko, di ganun ka 3d pero maganda ang gameplay niya, para lang po sa gusto i-try wag na po mag comment ng ibAng topic salamat! :) para sa akin, ang kinaganda pa nito meron laging bagong event kaya di kamagsasawa, may new stories, may...
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    Tutorial Dota anti-maphäçk detector

    :gangnamstyle: Post ko lang para sa mga dota player dito.:gangnamstyle: :flash: :wphc: :flash: Share ko lang sainyo ang anti maphäçk na ito para sa mga nag mh(maphäçk) dyan. fog click lang ito kung nasa fog kayo oh kaya sa base tapos may nag click sainyo. Dun nyo malalaman kung sino...

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