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Free Press was an American independent book publisher that later became an imprint of Simon & Schuster. It was one of the best-known publishers specializing in serious nonfiction, including path-breaking sociology books of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. After a period under new ownership in the 1980s of publishing neoconservative books, it was purchased by Simon & Schuster in 1994. By 2012, the imprint ceased to exist as a distinct entity; however, some books were still being published using the Free Press imprint.

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    Website for free books help

    saan pa ba pwedi magdownload ng free books online?
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    Closed Where to download books with filipino authors?

    Hello po. Baka may alam po kayong website na pwede mag download ng free books na filipino ang authors? Thanks po sa magrerecommend.
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    Closed Help po san pwede mag download ng free books

    San po ko makakapag download nang libreng books?? Salamat po
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    Closed Help !! free books

    San po ba pedeng magdownload ng free books assignment po kase namin
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    Download ρáíd books for free (any kind of book)

    Since wala pa kong naisheshare, at sa tingin ko, wala rin masyadong nakakaalam nito. Dahil mahal ko kayo, sheshare ko yung downloading area ko for books Sorry, for established only. You guys can also upload to their server. Karamihan ng books, nandyan na, pwera lang sa mga latest at sa...
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    Closed Para sa mga kababayan nating book readers.

    Mag download muna kayo ng app na eReader Prestigio sa appstore Tapos, punta kayu sa link nato, at esearch ang gusto nyong libro english lang (ex. Harry potter, The mortal instruments) at e open nyo lang pag tapos nang ma dl gamit ang app "ereader prestigio" At yan nah, mababasa...
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    Closed Site for downloading books?

    May alam po ba kayong site na pwedeng magdownload ng books na libre? pa pdf , epub etc.. -PC Thank you in Advance! Thinking Fast and Slow by daniel kahneman..
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    Closed Books in Google

    may alam po ba kayong apps na nakakadownload ng books sa Google nang libre ? patulong po please T.T
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    Closed WIN FREE BOOK

    Giving away more books to 8 lucky WINNERS! Here are the books that are up for grabs: (1)Why we want you to be rich – Kiyosaki and Trump (hard bound) (1)The Trump Card – Ivanka Trump (1)7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens – Sean Covey (1)Strategies for Real Estate – George Ross (hard bound)...

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