A dictionary is a listing of lexemes from the lexicon of one or more specific languages, often arranged alphabetically (or by radical and stroke for ideographic languages), which may include information on definitions, usage, etymologies, pronunciations, translation, etc. It is a lexicographical reference that shows inter-relationships among the data.A broad distinction is made between general and specialized dictionaries. Specialized dictionaries include words in specialist fields, rather than a complete range of words in the language. Lexical items that describe concepts in specific fields are usually called terms instead of words, although there is no consensus whether lexicology and terminology are two different fields of study. In theory, general dictionaries are supposed to be semasiological, mapping word to definition, while specialized dictionaries are supposed to be onomasiological, first identifying concepts and then establishing the terms used to designate them. In practice, the two approaches are used for both types. There are other types of dictionaries that do not fit neatly into the above distinction, for instance bilingual (translation) dictionaries, dictionaries of synonyms (thesauri), and rhyming dictionaries. The word dictionary (unqualified) is usually understood to refer to a general purpose monolingual dictionary.There is also a contrast between prescriptive or descriptive dictionaries; the former reflect what is seen as correct use of the language while the latter reflect recorded actual use. Stylistic indications (e.g. "informal" or "vulgar") in many modern dictionaries are also considered by some to be less than objectively descriptive.The first recorded dictionaries date back to Sumerian times around 2300 BCE, in the form of bilingual dictionaries, and the oldest surviving monolingual dictionaries are Chinese dictionaries c. 3rd century BCE. The first purely English alphabetical dictionary was A Table Alphabeticall, written in 1604, and monolingual dictionaries in other languages also began appearing in Europe at around this time. The systematic study of dictionaries as objects of scientific interest arose as a 20th-century enterprise, called lexicography, and largely initiated by Ladislav Zgusta. The birth of the new discipline was not without controversy, with the practical dictionary-makers being sometimes accused by others of having an "astonishing" lack of method and critical-self reflection.

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  1. D

    Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary

    The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary is a comprehensive Bible reference resource that has been a go-to for lay Bible students, teachers, pastors, academic courses, and libraries for over 25 years It contains: Over 6,500 articles from Aaron to Zuzite to equip readers for greater understanding...
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    Concise Oxford American Dictionary Thesaurus 11.7.717 ρrémíùm

    LINK: Concise Oxford American Dictionary Thesaurus 11.7.717 ρrémíùm.apk
  3. T

    Android App My dictionary - WordTheme Pro v11.1.1 [ρáíd]

    Playstore Link: My dictionary - WordTheme Pro - Apps on Google Play Create your personal dictionary. Study your vocabulary with quizzes and games play.google.com Special Features ● Supported Languages: af, am, ar, as, az, be, bg, bn, bs, ca, cs, da, de, el, en-AU, en-CA, en-GB, en-IN, en-XC...
  4. R

    Android App My Dictionary - WordTheme Pro v11.0.0 [ρáíd]

    Special Features ● Supported Languages: af, am, ar, as, az, be, bg, bn, bs, ca, cs, da, de, el, en-AU, en-CA, en-GB, en-IN, en-XC, es, es-419, es-US, et, eu, fa, fi, fr, fr-CA, gl, gu, hi, hr, hu, hy, in, is, it, iw, ja, ka, kk, km, kn, ko, ky, lo, lt, lv, mk, ml, mn, mr, ms, my, nb, ne, nl...
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    Android App Oxford Dictionary v15.0.928

    Download Oxford Dictionary of English Pro APK for Android This app boasts an even greater catalog of words and senses, thanks to the latest 2019 Oxford University Press update. Features of the app Search autocomplete helps you find words quickly by displaying predictions as you type Keyword...
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    Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary v1.1.2.19 Pre-Activated - [Zuzanoo]

    Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary Overview Improve your English language skills with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Understand what words mean. Learn how to say them. Know how to use them. The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (OALD) is a world best-seller. It is now available...
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    Direct Link Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary pre-activated (11/28/23)

    The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is a comprehensive and authoritative resource for language learners. An Overview of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary Oxford Learner’s Dictionary is designed to provide learners with a deep understanding of English and help them develop their...
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    Create a program that display a message in case the key is not found.
  9. P


    Create a program with a predefined dictionary of a person. Include the following information: name, gender, age, address and phone. Ask the user what information he wants to know about the person (example: "name"), then print the value associated to that key or display a message in case the key...
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    Android App English Hindi Dictionary MOD APK v9.1.2.11 (ρrémíùm)

    Unlocking Language Barriers: English Hindi Dictionary MOD APK Navigating between languages is an art form—a skill that becomes increasingly essential in a world where cultural boundaries are as fluid as ever. With technology integration into learning, the English Hindi Dictionary MOD APK has...
  11. X

    PC App Antidote 11 v4.0.1 (x64) + Fix

    In a single operation, Antidote’s corrector flags a wide variety of errors: from capitalization and verb agreement to unwelcome commas and redundancies. Hover over an error to see suggested corrections and see their explanations pop up in a tooltip, then click to confirm them. After correcting...
  12. C

    Android App My dictionary - WordTheme Pro v10.7.2

    My dictionary - WordTheme Pro v10.7.2 Hidden content
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    Android App Dictionary Pro v15.3 b1509 APK (Patched)

    Dictionary Pro is a ρrémíùm dictionary application trusted and used by many users. Here, you can look up and find the meaning of the words you need to understand quickly and conveniently. You are entirely free to enjoy the features that the application provides. If you want to translate texts...
  14. O

    Android App Herbs Dictionary Pro v1.11 (Mod)

    Herbs Dictionary app is a comprehensive List of Medicinal Herbs and their amazing Uses with Pictures and Sounds. It is a complete guide to common medicinal herbs. When you began to look into traditional cuisines of various cultures there was a common thread in all of them – the use of herbs...
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    UP diksyunaryong Filipino (Online)

    KWF Diksiyonaryong Filipino
  16. K

    U Dictionary APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked) v1.2

    U Dictionary APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked) v1.2 U Dictionary U dictionary app is an excellent international translation software, which is suitable for people who want to learn a new language, or who need to translate text from one language to another for work or travel. The application is free on...
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    PC App Advanced English Dictionary 4.3.3

    📌Requirements: Windows 10 (32-bit) / Windows 10 (64-bit) Advanced English Dictionary is a comprehensive education, reference, and office tool that can help users both at home, school, and work to easily discover, reference, and integrate a large English dictionary directly into...
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    Android App ρáíd Cr*cked Dictionaries Offline Apk

    Tanong ko lang mga paps~ May naghahanap po ba dito ng mga Offline Dictionaries? EG: ENG _________________________ Eng-Kor _________________________ Eng-Jpn _________________________ Eng-Chn I try ko upload sa dropmb kasi Nag test kasi ako mag post about sa amazon music ko...
  19. Z

    Android App [Latest Version] Dictionary.com ρrémíùm Mod Apk v9.7.1

    Download the number one free dictionary app Dictionary.com ρrémíùm Mod Apk with English language learning tools built for every level of the learner. With more than 2 million trusted definitions and synonyms, the Dictionary.com English dictionary and thesaurus app for Android is optimized with...
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    Non-Fiction A Dictionary of Literary and Thematic Terms by Edward Quinn

    A Dictionary of Literary and Thematic Terms Edward Quinn "In clear, succinct, non-technical language, this new dictionary of more than 850 literary terms and themes takes an expanded view of the term "literary." It is the first book of its kind to give students and general readers not only a...
  21. H

    Closed [ρáíd 4$] merriam-webster dictionary & thesaurus

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus 4$ Playstore price (see attachment) Features: Free app download link: https://www.datafilehost.com/d/d66d59e3 Playstore link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.merriamwebster.ρrémíùm See also: Cost you only a second to tap like.
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    Closed Dictionary softwares

    Mga boss pahelp naman po ano po bang dictionary for pc ?
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    Closed Oxford-advanced-learners-dict-1.1.6

  24. A

    Closed Wordweb 8.01a retail prô setup+serial=14mb

    WordWeb Pro 8.01 is an offline English dictionary software of the language of Shakespeare that offers the user, through a simple and intuitive interface, a wide range of possibilities when it comes to finding the meaning of a Word. It allows you to find words synonyms, acronyms, related words...
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    Closed Sa mga nag drudrugs dyan! heto free for 2 days lang

    More info? sa playstore na lang. ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ DOWNLOAD @PLAYSTORE
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    Closed Dictionary.com ρrémíùm apk

    Dictionary.com is the leading English dictionary app for Android – with over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms. The #1 dictionary app is handy for education, learning new vocabulary every day, and the advanced word lover and the English language student alike. Easily search definitions and...
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    Android App Offline tagalog english dictionary (ρáíd)

    Note:kailangan ng internet sa simula para sa data. 1.download the app Extract the zip file using password: norheymark 2.open the app At automatic na po yan na mag ko connect sa data base nya, at i intall ang data..pag na install na...done. Puwede na po gamitin kahit offline. Pls...don't forget...
  28. K

    Closed Goldendict: the best dictionary app for android

    GoldenDict: The Best Dictionary App for Android "GoldenDict is an open-source dictionary program that gives translations of words and phrases for different languages. It allows the use of several popular dictionary file formats simultaneously and without conversion." — Wikipedia More info...
  29. B

    Closed Share! offline english - tagalog dictionary

    Download nyo na lang sa Play Store for more details or download here.
  30. S

    Diodict auto stops

    Please help me My Diodict App always stops When i change my fonts, i cant view the dictionary anymore. Binalik ko naman sa dati yung fonts, kaso ayaw na ma open yung app Ginawa ko na lahat, clear data, uninstal-reinstall, pero wala pa rin. Sana may tutulong Please Thanks advance!
  31. C

    Closed Bicol dictionary

    Hi mga bossing. Baka meron kayo na bicol - tagalog / english dictionary na pede ishare. Salamat.
  32. F

    Closed Pamalit kay merriam. pasok!

    Offline Dictionary ρrémíùm v4.8.2 *****ed APK Once you buy this app, you will get rid of ads of all apps developed by Xung Le. The best dictionary app with the best price! Dict Box – multilingual dictionary & translator. Designed for both word reference & text translation. Supports multiple...
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    Closed Oxford Dictionary of English ρrémíùm + Data v5.1.056

    Oxford Dictionary of English Ideal for anyone who needs a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of current English; for professionals, students, academics, and for use at work or at home. Features Search for entries by name or browse the entire word list Search online or download the...
  34. S

    Ace Translator

    Ace Translator10.3.0.810Portable Ace Translator is a translation tool that is easy to use for everyday applications. This tool uses the power of language translation engines internet and helps you to easily translate Web contents, letters, chat, and emails. Ace Translator into machine...
  35. M

    PHCorner Dictionary (meron na ba nito?)

    Pano ko ba explain to.. haha Siguro yung parang Kumpleto na yung isang thread na yun or may sariling search engine na din tapos pag ni-search mo may , para halimbawa may nakalimutan ka kung anong meaning or kung pano gawin yun. madali na sya para i-search PERO: dun na din ata papasok to sa...
  36. L

    Closed Microsoft encarta mobile (java/jar)

    This is a useful software for educational purpose Microsoft Encarta 2008 for Mobile Phones (Java) | 5 MB Microsof Encarta 2008 is a great encyclopedia that furnishes information on all the Nations of the world. Information, for every Nation, on: -Flag -Map -Introduction -Geography -People...

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