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sa dami ko post diko na alam saan part un naka android kasi ako sinasanay ko pa sarili ko sa new ui ng phcorner dapat sa mobile apps& help request itong thread mo para doon ko provide yun need mo sa sdcard partition using link2sd


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okay boss #ly-or meron madami procedure pagpartition ng sdcard,may push to sd o ung link2sd using cwm and dapat rooted meron pa isa gamit mini partition tool pang pc.

bago ko ito share this tutorial is credited to xdadeveloper senior member sanny5.

procedure & remember:
following the procedure
carefully and exactly to avoid
any inconvenience.

1. First you have to download Mini
Tool Partition Wizard Manager.
You can download it in the link
above... download it and install it
on PC.

2. Insert your SD card to a card
reader and open it on your
computer.(not via USB cable)

3. Back up all your files to the
computer because partitioning will
wipe your data.

4. Open Mini Tool in your
computer. Locate your SD card (be
careful in choosing and make sure
not to choose the drive of your

5. Right click and choose Delete.

6. Right click on it again and
choose Create New. Create
“FAT32″ partition (This is where all
your media files will go. Be sure to
make it bigger than the 2nd part)

7. Select “Create as: PRIMARY”

8. Next, create an ext2/ext3/ext4
partition (I suggest ext2 cause it
works on all roms and kernels).
This is where your apps will go. I
suggest a value of 512Mb would
be big enough but its ur choice.

9. Select “Create As:
PRIMARY” (make sure that it is
both set to primary because it will
not work if it is not set to primary)

10. Click the “Apply” button on the
top left corner and wait for it to
finish the process. Done.
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11. Put back your SD card to your
phone and switch it on.

12. Download and install Link2sd
from Google Play Store link
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13. Open Link2sd. You will be
prompted to choose between
ext2, ext3, ext4 and FAT32. Select
(Give preference in this order
Not all may be compatible with ur
kernel so try each one in the
order of preference and use the
highest ranking one that works...
ext4 is compatible with my kernel
so I use that...)

14. It will say mount script
created. Reboot your phone now.

15. Open link2sd and if the
message doesn’t show up, you

16. Go to Link2sd>Settings>check
the autolink (to automatically
move apps upon installation)

17. If you already have some
apps, select “move to phone” then
after moving select “Create
Link” (be sure to check the three
files: app, dalvic-cache and library

18. To check your memory, select
“Storage Info”. This will show you
the current state of your internal
memory, FAT32, and ext2

19. Now you’re done and ready to
install vast amount of applications
as you wish!

Done boss follow mo lang lahat ito.


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