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PS3 System is not Reading Games


May 22, 2013
PS3 is one of the most amazing devices by Sony, but it also has some common problems like disc reading problem. Good news is that most of the problems can be repaired and here I would like to share how to fix PS3 disc reading problem.

When having PS3 read problem, you should first check the game disc you are trying to play. Is there any scrap or damage on it? Try with another game disc, or DVD movies. If the problem persists, it may be caused by bad disc driver; if not, it is that PS3 disc problem. Don't be discouraged if your PS3 can't load any PS3 disc or Blu-rays. You must try the following tips:

1) Clean you’re PS3. Sometimes the PS3 disc reading problem is caused by too much dust. You may find your PS3 getting really noisy, if it is full of dust in it. You need to remove dust from the vents located around the unit. Clean the unit with a vacuum cleaner periodically.

Remember to do not use an air duster, because this can blow dust into and all over the unit, more critically on to your blu-ray laser. It will worsen the situation.

2) Reset the PS3 to default settings. First turn off your PS3, unplug it, and then reboot it after twenty minutes.

3) Format your hard drive. Many people reports having PS3 disc read problem after the new firmware update. Probably something in the new update screws up the blu-ray decoder and driver. So you could format your hard drive. However, this will unfortunately cause the loss of all your information unless you back it up on a flash drive.

4) Send your PS3 back to Sony. I do suggest you return it to Sony, if you still have warranty. If you are lucky enough, you may get a replacement of a new PS3.

5) Follow a PS3 repair manual and fix the PS3 disc problem by yourself. If your warranty is over and the tips mentioned above don't work for you, try to find a good repair guide and fix it yourself. By the help of a well written manual, most gamers will play their favorite games again within 1 or 2 hours.

If we didn't fix it properly, PS3 will not work permanently”. So, Repair it only by an expert like “Mobile Game Tech” guys.


Are you looking for a way on how to fix the ps3 flashing red light error? Did you just play your favorite game and in all of a sudden your PlayStation 3 gets a strange flashing red light? If you are looking for a way to fix this, than you're on the right address! Here you will find out what actions you have to take so you can play your favorite game on your PS3 again, today!

In order to fix the RLOD error on your PS3, you should try to do these 3 things.

1 - Restart your console.
2 - Take out all cables, and plug them back in.
3 - Take out the hard-drive, and place it back in your PS3 console.

You can quickly fix the PS3 by carefully re-setting the drive. In order to do this, you need to take out the hard drive and then once out, replace inside the PS3 the same way. Usually this is the answer to the Ps3 blinking red light problem. If the red light does not go away by applying thus method, you will have to get a new drive or in some cases a new PS3, ouch!

If we didn't fix it properly, PS3 will not work permanently”. So, Repair it only by an expert like “Mobile Game Tech” guys.


The first step you should take before you do anything else is to take your system through some basic tests that are going to show if the problem is simpler than you thought. First off you should immediately turn off your system and following that you should unplug everything cable that is connecting to the system. Proceeding to wait 5 to 10 minutes after this you should then fasten all the cables back into the appropriate inputs. After that you should now turn on the system and check if the problem is still there. If this simple fix did not solve your problem you should now open your hard drive bay and remove the hard drive from the system and then reconnect. This is a simple procedure that can also correct your system of this issue, but will not remedy most consoles.

If you find that the problems still persist then you should take a look at your system's surrounding area. When the system is turned on you should check if there are any air flow issues and if the system fails to cool itself effectively. If you find that the system is gathering too much heat you should place it in an area which is well ventilated and will not cause the system to overheat. This could be the issue that has put your PS3 into this freezing state.

In the event that these solutions do not remedy your issue then you have two choices, either send the system to get repair from them.

If we didn't fix it properly, PS3 will not work permanently”. So, Repair it only by an expert like “Mobile Game Tech” guys.

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