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Tutorial How to Enable Parental Control on Android


Aug 9, 2016
It allows parents to set an overall screen time limit according to their choice.
It allows parents to set a bedtime limit, which means the device cannot be used during that time.
Parents can decide to block, always allow, or set a time limit for any given app regardless of whether the daily screen time has been used up.
It allows you to see your child’s current location on a map (requires mobile data).
Parents can approve or deny requests to install specific apps from Google Play.
All these features are free compared to some other paid-for parental control apps that fail to do all of the above. This makes parental link the best option.

Now, to set up and use the app, you will need both your phone and your child’s phone. Here are the steps to setup the app.

First, go to the app store on your phone (Android or iPhone) and search for Google Family Link.
Next, follow the instructions to sign into your Google account.
Now, you will need to follow the steps to set up a Google Family and make yourself the manager (or one of the managers), but if you’re already a Family Manager, you can proceed to the next step.
Choose an existing Google account you want to manage or create a new child account.
Now, go ahead and install the Google Family Link app on the child’s phone.
You will need to follow the prompts on the parent’s phone to link the child’s device (both devices need to be within Bluetooth range).
Finally, choose from the list of apps already installed on the child’s device whether to allow or block them and also manage other settings.
After this setup, you can then use the Family Link app on the parent’s phone to do things like:

Manage settings such as purchase and download approvals.
Choose age restrictions for apps and games, films, TV, and books.
Configure and make changes to the Daily and Bedtime Limits.
Use App Controls to set a specific time limit for each app.
See the current location of the phone.
Keep track of daily and overall screen time usage.
Lock the child’s phone to temporarily prevent them from using it.
‘Ring’ the child’s phone to locate it when it has been misplaced.
It is important to note that Family Link does not block offensive content, and it is still up to you to allow s†rêâmïng apps like YøùTùbé. YøùTùbé shouldn’t be much of an issue because you can set restrictions that hide potentially mature videos from your kids.

You can set restrictions on the YøùTùbé app by heading to Settings > General and then toggling Restriction Mode on to enable restrictions.

If you’re not planning on using Family Link, you can set similar restrictions on the Play Store.
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