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Experience weak signal and low internet connection?

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Experience Weak Signal and Low Internet Connection Because of îllégâl Repeaters

There are many factors to consider weak signal or slow internet connection. One of those that will be discussed here is the USE of îllégâl Repeaters.

What is Repeaters by the way? And how it interferes the signal among customer?

If we experienced LOW SIGNAL or SLOW INTERNET CONNECTION, we simply blame and conclude that it is MORE ABOUT with the issues of Provider (Globe, SUN, SMART, PLDT etc.). We don't know that there's many factor affecting such failures or problems. In case you are frustrated with the WEAK SIGNAL that gave by your TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY provider, maybe you NEED to KNOW and Consider this factor too.

Of course, we don't need weak signal, if a certain company boosting its signal that is îllégâl then it is really an ISSUE.


Repeaters are devices that can boost signal in a certain location or area that operates with a certain frequency band. These frequency operates on 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 2100 MHz.

These devices(cellphone mobile repeaters and are not actually prohibited as long as it is duly registered to NTC or National Telecommunication Commission and has functions as follows:
  • Grant certificates of Public convenience and Necessity/Provisional Authority to install, operate and maintain telecommunications, broadcast and CATV services
  • Grant licenses to install, operate and maintain radio stations
  • Allocate/sub-allocate and assign the use of radio frequencies
  • Type-approve/type-accept all radio communications, broadcast and customer premises equipment
  • Conduct radio communtcations examination and issue radio operators certificate
  • Prepare, plan and conduct studies for policy and regulatory purposes
  • Monitor the operation of all telecommunications and broadcast activities
  • Enforce applicable domestic and intemational laws, rules and regulations, prosecute violation thereof, and impose appropriate penalties/sanctions
  • Issue licenses to operate land, maritime, aeronautical and safety devices
  • Perform such other telecommunications/broadcast-related activities as may be necessary in the interest of public service
îllégâl repeaters form in indoor or outdoor antennas and wireless adapters and improper use of such devices can give Mobile Phone Providers' problems.

Globe Telecom Press Release
In Globe Telecom press release, particularly subscribers in Binangonan, Rizal, in the issue news statement, NTC has issued a MO (Memorandum Order dated January 02, 2013) that prohibits the sale, purchase, importation, possession or use of cellular mobile repeaters and portable cellsites operating on
800 megahertz, 900 MHz 1800 MHz, and 2100 MHz frequency bands in which it becomes a good relief among customers.

This is because of the various complaints brought to NTC's attention by Telecom companies(includes Globe Telecom).

In that press releases, it is one the case of businessman that uses îllégâl repeater just to boost its signal for this business(trucking and warehouse business). These repeaters unintentionally interfered the signal that emitted by the cell sites, in which, it gives a weak signal or poor reception.

One Solution

Telecom companies shall have the authority to install properly designed In-
building coverage solutions that consists of very low power distributed antenna systems. In order to this, Telecom must seek permission for the owners to address the issues of weak signals inside in that building.

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