low signal

Low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS), also known as TIA/EIA-644, is a technical standard that specifies electrical characteristics of a differential, serial signaling standard. LVDS operates at low power and can run at very high speeds using inexpensive twisted-pair copper cables. LVDS is a physical layer specification only; many data communication standards and applications use it and add a data link layer as defined in the OSI model on top of it.
LVDS was introduced in 1994, and has become popular in products such as LCD-TVs, in-car entertainment systems, industrial cameras and machine vision, notebook and tablet computers, and communications systems. The typical applications are high-speed video, graphics, video camera data transfers, and general purpose computer buses.
Early on, the notebook computer and LCD display vendors commonly used the term LVDS instead of FPD-Link when referring to their protocol, and the term LVDS has mistakenly become synonymous with Flat Panel Display Link in the video-display engineering vocabulary.

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    Help Best pocket wifi for camping and low signal areas?

    As the title says ano yung marerecommend nyong pocket wifi na maganda gamitin sa camping or sa mga areas na minsan 1 bar lang? Hindi po natin hanap yung "pinakamura" pero hindi din tayo ready magspend ng 40-50k sa nighthawk m6. budget is around 4-5k.
  2. B

    Help Low Signal

    Lakas signal nyo mga lods,ang hina eh
  3. L

    Help Modem for low signal area? Passugest po

    Hello po pa suggest naman po ng modem para po sa low signal area thank you po
  4. P

    Help Diy antenna.

    Effective po yun sa zlt s10g? Ano po lahat kailangan?
  5. H

    Closed Sobrang hina ng signal ni Gomo sa lugar namin

    Guys may alternative way paba na lumakas si Gomo sa lugar namin? kahit sa kwarto ako di talaga nakakapasok yung signal, kailangan ko pa lumabas ng kalsada para makahagilap sa mga master natin dyan anong pwedeng gawin? nauumay na talaga ako eh hahay.
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    Closed Sa area na mahina ngaun ang connection [FIXED!]

    Mga repa mahina ba connection niyo sa bicol area :( ? Naka pocket WiFi ba kau? Naka Globe@Home? Kahit naka LTE mahina parin? Well eto ang solution dyan! (Kung naka data ka eto gawin mo) 1. Punta sa settings 2. At palitan mo ang 4g mo into 3g lng :) (Kung naka WiFi ka) 1. Tanggaling ang...
  7. J

    Closed Note 4 2g network lng

    Mga boss, Salamat po sa lahat ng effort para sa internet natin.. kaso po sa note 4 ko po 2g lng gumagana kaya ayaw po mag connect.. ginagamit ko po ung mga ehi na galing dito at iniimport sa injector kaso low signal daw po kya di komo connect.. anu kya po gagawin ko ?
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    Closed Sun signal

    ask ko lng po sino po dito nkakaranas ng mahinang signal ni sun??kagabi p kasi to na ganito..cavite area po ako..salamat
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    Closed Unstable connection

    Mga paps,baka naman po may alam kayong pampa stqble ng internet connection sa tm po please
  10. X

    Closed Always "g" signal smart sim...?

    Mga Master pano po ba e fix ang always "G" ang signal nya at hindi rin sya makaka net kahit free.facebook.com Sana may tumulong sakin sa problemang ito.... Mga Master patulong po.
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    Closed Tp10 + t2 promo

    mahina signal sakin laging H yung data ko. quezon city area. any suggestion? gumamit na din ako ng mga ehi pero ganun pa din...
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    Experience weak signal and low internet connection?

    Experience Weak Signal and Low Internet Connection Because of îllégâl Repeaters There are many factors to consider weak signal or slow internet connection. One of those that will be discussed here is the USE of îllégâl Repeaters. What is Repeaters by the way? And how it interferes the...

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