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A simple file hosting and file sharing website
A complete replacement for dropmb.com.
  • No accounts or logins required
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive web interface
  • Max file size: 2048 MB / 2 GB
  • Max bucket, file group, or folder size: 2 GB
  • Resumable upload and download support
  • The customizable expiration time for your upload file or bucket defaults to 1 day (maximum 1 year)
  • Support one-time download
  • Supports downloading all files as a zip or tar.gz archive (doesn't support resume-able download)
  • Modal-style file preview for files up to 1 Byte (disabled)
  • Supports password-protected downloads
  • Lightweight Vue-based frontend apps
  • A download link will be provided after a successful upload.

Upload Page

Resume-able upload and download even after a network timeout or disconnect.

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Pero baka i-lock-down ko yan for PH and other countries only, madali kasing ma abuse :|
keriboom boom po sir, malaking tulong na rin po ito

hirap makahanap ng file hosting na malaki yung upload limit

i mean meron yung iba kaso umay naman sa ads din kasi saka daming pinipindot eme

okay lang sana may ads, pero kasi ang OA na nung iba.. nakakasuya kaya yung pagclick mo ng Download iba pala nadadownload mo haha

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