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HTML CSS JS PHP Help paps kahit yung parang basic lang nitong activity natambakan na kasi


What do you mean by backbone? You mean backend implementation?

I see three identical attachments. Was that intentional or a mistake?

Also I find it comical that your school is asking to implement the store section of your "thesis" project (my assumption) using Linked List. If this is Java a backend, I can't help myself but laugh at the school who's asking you to do this implementation.


I'm not a Ruby expert but I've played with it. If you have limited time, I suggest doing this in Ruby on Rails You must register or login to view this. but if you insist in Php use a framework like Laravel.

I'd give you some tips though how to disect this project. You should approach this with a three tier approach:
  • Frontend (with JavaScript framework like React/Angular and UI framework like Bootstrap)
  • Backend (your PHP app). This acts as the gateway, the backend for frontend, the backend service for your frontend
  • Persistence layer (MySQL, PostGres etc

Personally I'd approach this with a microservice approach but I get the impression that it might be too much for your team right now.

Alternatively you can implement this project with JavaScript/HTML/CSS on the frontend (use React/Angular/View) and the JavaScript on the backend (use Nodejs) and backed by MySQL


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I just failed. Pinanghihinaan nako ng loob sa college. I exerted a lot of efforts pa naman para sa subject na yan. Tapos sa huli need ko pang i retake