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Fix automatic install applications on your phone (common android problems) seonwoo of phc

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Oct 16, 2015
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Hello Phc,

Many of other users experience an issue with their android phone where an application is being installed automatically.

I have experience it as well way back a year ago and I try to find way to fix it first of all we need to determine what are the things that causes this?

> Please make sure that your playstore is not in automatic update why? Sometimes the moment we download an application there are certain apps that the moment they are automatically updated they will create an airpush? Airpush is like an advertisement apps that will continue to install applications on your phone.

What should we do?

Detect first the application that force your android to automatically install apps.

How can we detect it just install the application I have provided below I have used this already and it work for me I hope it will do the same for you.

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The application above detects the application that causes auto install apps install it and once you know the source where it came from un install that application that causes it.

Most of automatic install apps is cause by fake application so be careful when downloading stuff. I'm just glad that I never encounter any applications that can be downloaded here in phc which has airpush.

If you have tried the above steps and it won't work meaning to say the airpush could be inside your firmware so what we can do is flash the android phone just always remember flashing your phone is the last resort but before you decide to do it back up your files first.

If you think this is a repost please let me know and if you have any questions you're welcome to message me.

I hope it will help you as well because it worked for me God Bless and Have a Great Day.


Salamat boss kahit di ako nakakaranas ng ganyan. Ang naexperience ko lang dito sa ay nakinstall ako ng phising app:LOL::LOL: , bwesit talagang yang spotify premium na yan. :ROFLMAO:
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