windows activator

Microsoft Product Activation is a DRM technology used by Microsoft Corporation in several of its computer software programs, most notably its Windows operating system and its Office productivity suite. The procedure enforces compliance with the program's end-user license agreement by transmitting information about both the product key used to install the program and the user's computer hardware to Microsoft, inhibiting or completely preventing the use of the program until the validity of its license is confirmed.The procedure has been met with significant criticism by many consumers, technical analysts and computer experts, who argue that it is poorly designed, highly inconvenient and ultimately does nothing to prevent software piracy. The process has been successfully circumvented on multiple occasions.This technology is also used in Microsoft Office products during activation. To activate volume-licensed versions of Office, including Project and Visio, one must have a Key Management Service (KMS) host computer. One can configure a Windows Server computer to be a KMS host computer by installing the Volume Activation Services role and then running the Volume Activation Tools wizard.

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    Help Is making windows acïvâør tool is îllégâl?

    Hello mga ka phc tanong kolang sa mga expert dyan if îllégâl ba gumawa ng tool for windows activation ? may irerelease sana ako ea hihi
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    Closed Windowa 8.1 pro ac†ïvâ†ør

    Mga boss ka ph malaking bagay sa makakatulong xpired na kc windowa 8.1 pro ko need ng activation sana may makatulong long live ka ph godbless all 64bit.
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    Closed How to activate windows 7 or 8 for free

    Hey sa mga nag request sakin para ma activate ang windows eto po†ïvâ†ør+by+felix.rar download nyo na lang po yan then follow nalang po ang instruction. Have a good day :D