terminal emulator

A terminal emulator, or terminal application, is a computer program that emulates a video terminal within some other display architecture. Though typically synonymous with a shell or text terminal, the term terminal covers all remote terminals, including graphical interfaces. A terminal emulator inside a graphical user interface is often called a terminal window.
A terminal window allows the user access to a text terminal and all its applications such as command-line interfaces (CLI) and text user interface (TUI) applications. These may be running either on the same machine or on a different one via telnet, ssh, dial-up, or over a direct serial connection. On Unix-like operating systems, it is common to have one or more terminal windows connected to the local machine.
Terminals usually support a set of escape sequences for controlling color, cursor position, etc. Examples include the family of terminal control sequence standards known as ECMA-48, ANSI X3.64 or ISO/IEC 6429.

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  1. D

    Closed Increase speed of softether via terminal emulator (for rooted only)

    good day po sa inyo. wag na natin patagalin requirements: terminal emulator SE with your account Public DNS note: kung may kaparehas po akong tutorial ay pakibura nalang po ang post na ito. by number natin mga boss para di magulo. 1. connect to se 2. go to terminal emulator 3. type: getprop...
  2. N

    Closed 2 methods [mod] terminal emulator/twrp increase fps

    REQUIREMENTS. MUST BE ROOTED WITH RECOVERY. HAVE INIT.D SUPPORT for method 1. HAVE TERMINAL EMULATOR for method 2. NOTE: This may work for all android devices but is only tested on a LG D851. The mod will install on all devices but may give unwanted results. If it works let us know. This is...
  3. S

    Closed Patut naman sa terminal emulator

    Mga master patut nmn about sa terminal emulator(J) patut nmn kung ano mga command nya at panu manghäçk ng WiFi at ano p need nya salamat mga master
  4. D

    Closed Http injector : how to share hotspot/wifi tether to other devices and pc

    Hello, Dee here, I'm a new member and I wanted that my first thread in this forum should be helpful. I hope this really helps. Napansin kong napakarami na ng HTTP Injector users at kalat na rin ang ibang mga freenet apps/vpn gaya ng Postern at iba pang mga "improvised" na mga apps...
  5. P

    Closed Ping your favorite sites using terminal emulator

    Terminal emulator tayo ulit :) Steps: (open for rooted and non-rooted devices) 1. Open terminal emulator. 2. (Non-rooted muna) type ping<space><your favorite site>. Hit enter. Example: ping www.google.com.ph ping m.YøùTùbé.com ping m.facebook.com (For...
  6. P

    Closed Terminal emulator vs wpa wifi password

    REQUIREMENTS: √Rooted android √Terminal emulator( downloaded from playstore) Step by step tutorial:(very easy) 1. Open terminal emulator(jack) from playstor. 2. Grant root access by typing "su" hit enter 3. Type "cd data/misc/wifi" hit enter 4. Type "ls" hit enter 5. Type "cat...
  7. T

    Closed Ping terminal emulator

    Ito Sa terminal emulator niyo Type: Ping facebook.com Ping cust-demo-test-1.opera-mini.net Ping Yan para hindi cdc ang injector niyo
  8. Z

    Closed How to stable connection using terminal android

    download kayo ng terminalnemulator sa playstore o browser tapos open nyo May lalabas dyan nasulat tapos magtype kayo ping localhost maliit na p tapos ung localhost walng space at pindutin nyo enter tapos may + icon dyan add uli kayo ng windows mga 20 times nyong gawin ng paulit ulit yan para ma...
  9. O

    Closed set external sd card to default storage installation

    sa mga android phone jan na nd pdeng installan ng applications and external sdcard .. eto.. download nyo android terminal emulator sa playstore .. note!!!dapat rooted and phone nyo .. first, type :su then type :pm setInstallLocation 2 then may mga lalabas na maraming letters..(kahit wag nyo...
  10. Z

    Closed Stable Internet Tricks

    Dl po kayo sa Playstore ng Teminal Emulator Piliin nyo po yung pinakauna Then pagnadownload nyo na type ping then hit the enter add window ulet type mo ulet ping then hit the enter Ulitin mo lang step hanggang Window 5
  11. M

    Closed Discussion about terminal emulator

    Salamat po sa pag visit nyo sa thread ko. I really appreciate your time. Ginawa ko po itong tread na ito first is to be educate and to share knowledge to others. Actually wala din po ako malawak na idea about this topic ang nagmotivate lang din sakin to do this is curiosity. Procede na po ako sa...

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