Newbie, newb, noob, noobie, n00b or nub is a slang term for a novice or newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in a profession or activity. Contemporary use can particularly refer to a beginner or new user of computers, often concerning Internet activity, such as online gaming or Linux use.The origin of this term is uncertain. Earliest uses probably date to late twentieth century United States Armed Forces jargon, though possible precursor terms are much earlier. Variant forms of the noun include newby and newbie, while the related term noob (often stylized as "n00b") is often used in online gaming.

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  1. X

    Newbie here

    hello guys, I'm new here in PH Corner it would be a great help if someone could help me in the forums like basics and rules. :giggle:😄
  2. B

    Closed Please teach me

    Hi po, new here! 'San po pla magdl ng vpn?
  3. W

    Closed Paano po ba gumamit ng postern? pasensya na po. newbie.

    Sa Globe at Tm lang po ba gumagana ang postern? Unclear po kasi instructions kung paano gamitin ang Postern ng mga nasa threads. Maraming salamat po sa mga makakasagot. God Bless!
  4. T

    Closed Ppd, bawal po ba?

    Hello po magtatanong lang po sana kung bawal po ba dito yung mga PPD sites like usercloud po. Thanks!
  5. D

    Closed Newb

    i got here coz of alamat ng freenet , seeking ehi tutorials then one of the member post about this, i immediately check it out.di ko pa alam gnagawa ko and ung msg. keep popping hnd macancel so i think need tlga gumawa ng threads, alalay lang po sa baguhan,
  6. C

    Closed Simply cyy

    Uhmm i joined phcorner for me to learn making tricks for mobile networks. If any mods/admin is reading this help me make a tutorial thank you.
  7. M

    Closed Yo Guys! ^_^

    Mico Folkner here! Layout Artist, IT student, Summoner. :) Want to learn internet tricks. You can see me on the rift guys as Status.xD. Thanks^_^