Lust is a psychological force producing intense desire for something, or circumstance while already having a significant amount of the desired object. Lust can take any form such as the lust for sexuality (see libido), money, or power. It can take such mundane forms as the lust for food (see gluttony) as distinct from the need for food or lust for redolence, when one is lusting for a particular smell that brings back memories. It is similar to but distinguished from passion, in that passion propels individuals to achieve benevolent goals whilst lust does not.

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    Lust of Pain [v0.3] (1☍+) (New) (ãdül† Android Game) ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 💠About:- Our character who lived ordinary life at first is enjoying life unaware that he will be tested with his loved ones.Can you guess where this story that will push the boundaries of lust and pain will lead...
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    Fan Arts Lust - Full Metal Alchemist Fanart

    posting my fanart for estab hahahh
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    Closed You need dating and relationship advice? post it here

    If you want to clear things up about your love (lustful) experiences/desires with the opposite ***, feel free to post it here. If you want some privacy, just message me.
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    Closed Bakit másáráp ang bawal ?

    haha katuwaan lang po guys :-D base in ur opinion , no hard feelings. open sa lahat lalong'lalo na sa mga openminded dyan haha :-D
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    Closed Buddy daniels

    **** you ashley king
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    Closed Eternallust smart ehi/hpi update until february 27,2017

    Hi/Hello everyone, here's my EternalLust hpi for Smart/Smart kickstart!! Hpi link: Ehi link: Leave a like and feedbacks! stay tuned for more! :D I'll always update this thread so you better watch out! :D...
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    Closed I created this one e try nyo nah

    .Ehi for Globe/TM Good for 7 days bago ko lang po natuklasan kung paano gumawa nang .ehi Good for: *Browsing *YøùTùbé *Any Sites that supported with a browser Onle Games? hindi ko pa sya na try, kaya try nyo nah! :D CDC tricks as usual.. Download link:
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    Closed New to phc

    Hi ka PHC looking forward to have lots of friends here. :)
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    Closed Signs You’re In Lust And Not In Love

    1. There’s more fire and less stability Love — real love — is about commitment and communication. These two important components lead to stability within a relationship. Of course, fire can be part of the equation, but when there’s lots of drama, chaos and more emotional gut blows than...
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    Closed From Lust to Losing Your Mind: Science Reveals the Secrets of Love

    Stage 1: Lust Lust is driven by the *** hormones testosterone and oestrogen. These hormones as Helen Fisher says “get you out looking for anything”. Stage 2: Attraction This is the love-struck phase. People lose their appetite and need less sleep, preferring to spend hours at a time daydreaming...