The Jumo 210 was Junkers Motoren's first production inverted V12 gasoline aircraft engine, first produced in the early 1930s. Depending on the version it produced between 610 and 730 PS and can be considered a counterpart of the Rolls-Royce Kestrel in many ways. Although originally intended to be used in almost all pre-war designs, rapid progress in aircraft design quickly relegated it to the small end of the power scale by the late 1930s. Almost all aircraft designs switched to the much larger Daimler-Benz DB 600, so the 210 was produced only for a short time before Junkers responded with a larger engine of their own, the Junkers Jumo 211.

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    Epson L210 ayaw bumukas after linisin ang head

    Good Day ka PHC! Baka may possible solutions kayo about sa printer ko, una pa noon ay nilinis ko ang head ng printer since di magandav ang print quality sa papel, blurry tignan, then pagkabalik ko sa mga parts and connections, bumukas naman then ni power off ko ulit kasi ganun pa din ang labas...
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    Help Epson Printer L210 Problem

    Need help po Epson Printer L210 blank only when printing.
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    About epson L210 problem

    Ano po ba solution dito? Full yung ink. May mga na try din ako solution sa YøùTùbé kaso wala parin.
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    Tulong po sa mga expert sa Epson . yung printer po hindi nag pprint kakagatin lang ang papel tapos mag error na all lights are on . then pag nirestart mo iluluwa yung papel
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    Closed L210, no bliking light but when i connect it to my pc all lights blinking help

    Anyare dito sometims nakaka print ako but ssometimes Hindi pero ngayon ayaw na talaga No blink sya pag on Pero pag I connect ko sa pc para maag print nag blink All lights blinking Fatal error Nag clean na ako sa sensor nya and tinignan ko yung sa likod nya baka nag jump pero ayaw parin...
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    Closed Epson l210 paper jam kahit wala naman!

    Tulong ng maka print na ako Please
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    Closed Epson reseter

    Epson printer problem? pwes! kailangan mo nito i download lang sa site na to http://zildjiangrey.wix.com/artsunlimited#!windows-app/yywvb