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    ehi BYPASS free YôùTùbé ni sun ( gaming ehi files )open ssh

    Hello ka phc, Mabibigay po ako nang mga open ssh para kay sun na naka free YôùTùbé. dial *123# pres1 pres1 to claim free YôùTùbé. Download http injector on playstore. import my ehi config. Credit : idol Marex
  2. J

    hpi No load Singapore server Good for 14'day's

    Sana gumana sainyo guys pag nag work upload ulit ako ng panibagong update ni no load para sa SMART/TNT. Pang PC muna. SG05_Smart-Tnt_Noload-J@SFER_14'day's.hpi SG05_Smart-Tnt_Noload-J@SFER_14'day's.hnh
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    (ACTION)Overdrive – Ninja Shadow Revenge v1.7.3 + Mod.Offline.Apk

    Overdrive MOD APK In the future, a strong, outstanding species is created from the combination of humans, technology and black metal. The government names them “shadow cyborg”, and allows every sector to have their own shadow security force (S.E.F), but all of theme have to be controlled by the...
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    (CASUAL) Township v6.8.0 + Mod.Online/Offline.Apk

    Township MOD APK Unlimited money – Township is a unique blend of city-building and farming! Build your dream town! Harvest crops at the farms, process them at your facilities, and sell goods to develop your town. Trade with exotic countries. Open restaurants, cinemas, and other community...
  5. J

    (ARCADE)League of Stickman 2018 v5.8.9 + Mod.Offline.Apk

    The most exciting action game of the year – League of Stickman! Best-in-class combat features! Crush the enemy! Beat them all! Win the ultimate challenge! This is the game you just cannot miss – League of Stickman! Features:[Best Action Game of the Year] The most anticipated action game of 2016...
  6. J

    ehi Sun CTC_TU Promo Update_Direct SSH_Germany/India/Singapore_Good for 14'Day's

    Yeahhh!Whatzup guys!!!Once again ito na ulit para sa inyo dating gawi alam nyo na to kung paano paganahin yun lang guys! Open for SMART/SUN LTE Pocket Wifi Open for Non-Rooted/Rooted Device Use Sun TU/CTC Promo SG02_TU_CTC_J@SFER'14'DAY'S.ehi...
  7. J

    (Action)The pìrâté: Plague of the Dead v2.6.2 + Mod.Apk

    Take the helm of your own ship and conquer the Caribbean! The pìrâté: Plague of the Dead is a sandbox game, letting you see what it’s like to be the fiercest pìrâté captain to ever hoist the Jolly Roger! Assume the role of legendary pìrâté captain John Rackham, and use arcane voodoo magic to...
  8. J

    (RPG) Titan Quest v1.0.17 + Mod.Offline.Apk

    Titan quest – a well-known RPG in times of ancient civilizations by a French studio DotEmu. You’ll create your own unique hero and go fight mythical creatures. You’ll fight many monsters, collect trophies and artifacts, improve skills and buy new abilities, and so on. A variety of weapons and...
  9. J

    (Action) Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight v1.28.13L + Mod-Offline.Apk

    A stunning action RPG filled with heroics, adventure, and a diverse assortment of creatures and fiends. Dive into the world of Heroes Infinity and begin your epic journey through many lands and cities. Collect & build your epic team of heroes to achieve victory. [ Features ] EPIC GODS WAR – A...
  10. J

    (Adventure)**** With Me v1.0 + Mod-Offline.Apk

    The noir episodic point and click adventure series Bear With Me is back! Introducing Bear With Me: The Lost Robots – an all new prequel chapter featuring Amber’s brother Flint and the callous detective Ted E. Bear. Take to the gritty and bustling undergrounds of Paper City, discovering new...
  11. W

    ehi CTC50/TU50

    good evening ito pa guys ctc50 good for 7days sgdo france server direct ssh open for wifi and all nasa loob na ang information guys hit like and share ok na saakin yan. enjoy.... :giggle: https://dropmb.com/download/6159b28d391bb99a3551e308708994c7.html
  12. W

    Smart TNT Sun Remote proxy

    good evening matagal tagal na hindi naka post busy na kasi eh remote proxy try niyo guys if working buhay yan... enjoy...:giggle:
  13. J

    (Arcade)Ninja Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.3.26.Offline

    Ninja Dash is a great time killer experience with amazing anime graphics where you have to tap screen to kill enemies while you run for your life. “A new Run and Jump games concept with all it takes to become one of the top games in 2019” FEATURES – Defeat all kind of enemies (devils, demons...
  14. J

    (Simulation)Racing Limits MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gold) v1.1.9.Offline

    Racing Limits MOD APK Racing Limits defines the mobile standards of infinite arcade type racing games. Based on racing and overtaking vehicles both in city and highway traffic, this game features 5 enjoyable modes of racing: carrier mode, infinite mode, against-time mode, free mode and a...
  15. J

    ehi Sun CTC/TU Promo-Ehi/Hpi/Hnh*Uk/Us/Ca/Sg/Jp/India/Germany Server Good for 14'Day's

    Yeaaaaaah!Whatzup guys?!Once again lapag ulit ako ng mga bagong config para sa may gusto lang naman at tulad ng dati hinay hinay na lang muna sa pag gamit ng promo ni Sun habang wala pang bagong tuklas na pang malakasang tricks.yun lang guys kayo na bahala dito God bless you all.🙏 (Additional...
  16. J

    Bullet Force MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo/Grenades) v1.61.Online/Offline.Apk

    Bullet Force MOD APK – a long-awaited emergence of a network of shooter from the first person with the classic gameplay for the genre. Dozens of weapons, items, gadgets, body kits and more, which will upgrade the barrel in his tastes and preferences. In the game there are different types of...
  17. J

    Occupation 2.5 v1.14 + Mod-Offline.Apk

    Scientists have discovered an ancient alien artifact. It was activated and a giant alien mothership appears in orbit of the Earth. People began to turn into zombies and monsters. Most governments collude with extraterrestrials. Try to survive in a new world filled with creatures and monsters...
  18. J

    ehi Update-Tu-Ctc Singapore/India/Japan Server Good for 14'Day's

    Yow Whatzup Guys???!Maulang gabi sating lahat lapag ko lang tong ihinain ko para sainyo dating gawi Good for YôùTùbé,Browsing,Download pero yun na nga ingat na lang pala sa pag gamit ng data lakas na din talaga kasi mam-block ni Sun So yun Lang enjoy guys Godbless you all.🙏...
  19. F

    Help Tnt sim unblock

    Good morning mga master,pa tulong naman po,paano mag unblock ng tnt na simcard? Salamat po.
  20. J

    Zgirls 2-Last One v1.0.54 + Mod Online Apk

    Zgirls 2 is a 3D massively multiplayer online zombie survival game available to players all over the world. In this game, you play as a bionic girl thrown into a hellish world filled with zombies, with only one goal: SURVIVE! Rules for Survival: Collect as many resources as possible Resources...
  21. J

    BloodWarrior APK + OBB v1.5.6.Mod-Offline Apk

    Game of dark fantasy, häçk and slash and action RPG. Experience the Blood Warrior. Game Features – North American-style high quality and full 3D graphics with striking senses! You will be able to release all your stress and get the thrilling feeling of Blood Warrior’s häçk and slash. – Equipped...
  22. J

    ehi Update TU/CTC Promo SG/JAPAN Server Good for 14/30 Day's

    Yowww,Whazzup guyz!!!Isa na namang makabuluhang araw para po sating lahat!!!Share lang ulit Back up Config para sainyo guys! Sg-Sun-TU-CTC_J@SFER(30'DAY'S).ehi SG-Sun-TU-CTC_J@SFER(30'Day's).hpi SG-Sun-TU-CTC_J@SFER(30'Day's).hnh JP-Sun-TU-CTC_J@SFER(14'Day's).ehi...
  23. J

    Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia v0.332.54232 + Mod Offline.Apk

    Evolution 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) v0.332.54232 Android Download Evolution continues. The long-awaited sequel of the hit iconic sci-fi game is out! It tells you a story about the universe of Utopia from another angle. The second episode reproduces the unique atmosphere of the Evolution that...
  24. J

    Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade v5.6.1 + Mod Offline.Apk

    Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) v5.6.1 Download “Warhammer 40K: Freeblade is the Space Marine Godzilla game I didn’t know I wanted” – PocketTactics “Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade will let you destroy the future with mechs” – Polygon TAKE COMMAND OF A WARHAMMER 40,000...
  25. J

    Rising Dusk (PC Game)

    As the day sparkles the remainder of its brilliant light finished the land a scary domain starts to frame in the shadows. This otherworldly world is home to the Yokai. A grouping of phantoms, fiends and evil presences that ascent in the nightfall and play as the night progressed. At the point...
  26. J

    Zombie Dawn v1.4 + Mod Offline.Apk

    Zombie Dawn MOD APK Unlimited Money v1.4 Android Game Download ★Completely FREE ZOMBIE SHOOTING game★ – In the doom days of the world, zombies are everywhere – Challenge the hardest doom survival shooting game – Unlock numerous weapons- AK, UZI, P90, M4 – Top images& sound effects – Multiple...
  27. J

    Unavowed (PC Game)

    An evil presence had you one year back. Since that day, you unwillingly tore a trail of gore through New York City. Your salvation comes as the Unavowed – an old society committed to halting malevolence. You are free, however your reality is shredded. You have no home, no companions, and are...
  28. J

    Swordman: Reforged v1.4.46 + Mod.Apk

    Swordman MOD APK Infinite Money v1.4.46 Android Game Download Ready for more adventures with Sword Man? This game will give you, monter hunters, more levels to fail and pass, more cool weapons to show off, and MUCH MORE! With the hunting season just around the corner, the hunter begins his...
  29. J

    ehi Tu/Ctc Promo Update-Hpi/Hnh/Ehi**Sg/Japan/India**Server Good for 14'Day's

    Yeah,Yeah!!!!Whazzup guys??Share ko lang tong update para kay TU/CTC PROMO ni SUN tulad ng dati Good For Download,Browsing,YôùTùbé!!!Habol ko na lang yung TNT NO LOAD pag di na gaanong busy yun lang guys sana working din to sainyo Godbless you ALL. SG-Sun-J@SFER(14'Day's).ehi...
  30. J

    The Suffering PC Game

    The Suffering is a video game created by Surreal Software and Midway Games for PlayStation 2 , Xbox and PC in 2004 . The sequel The suffering: the ties that unite us came out in 2005. The player controls Torque, a man who has been sent to the Abbott State Penitentiary in Carnate Island...
  31. J

    Tales from Candlekeep Qawasha the Human Druid PC Game

    This DLC incorporates: Qawasha, his custom d20 and *wallpaper. This DLC likewise opens the likelihood to play with 5 Heroes in the meantime. Qawasha is an individual from the Emerald Enclave base in Fort Beluarian. The druid goes with a vegepymgy buddy named Kupalué, a Chultan word that...
  32. J

    Hob PC Game

    From the group that brought you Torchlight and Torchlight II comes Hob: a dynamic, thrilling activity experience diversion set on a dazzling and merciless world in chaos. As players dive into the puzzles around them, they find a planet in risk. Would it be able to be retouched, or will the world...
  33. J

    Gang Beasts Pc Game

    Gang Beasts is a senseless multiplayer party diversion with surly coagulated characters, merciless droll battle groupings, and ridiculous unsafe situations, set in the mean lanes of Beef City. Redo your character and battle nearby and online foes in the scuffle diversion mode or battle with...
  34. J

    TNT Tu Promos update with Tnt No_Load-DirectSSH Sg/India/Japan Server Good for 14/30 Day's

    Yow Whatzup Guys!!!!!Update ko lang TU PROMOS at sinamahan ko na din ng TNT NO LOAD Nagawa ko din ng maayos nakuha sa tyaga at tamang timpla sana mag work din sainyo!!yun lang guys Dating gawi Alalay lang sa pag gamit ng data para iwas kompromiso!!! Sg-Sun-J@SFER(30'Day's).ehi...
  35. W

    Android App Facebook temporarily lock

    good evening guys mga kapatid plz help me nman yong facebook ko bigla lang na lock kahit anong gawin ko ayaw talaga plz mga kapatid sana ma tulungan niyo ako importante lang talaga saakin plz sana may maka tulong saakin kahit pa yong identify photos coments or what else ayaw talaga kahit code ng...
  36. W

    Help Http proxy Injector

    magandang tanghali mga kapatid may Tanong sana ako kasi yong http for Pc ko ayaw mag conect kasi eh yong mga na download kung hpi ayaw parin at yong sarili kung gawa ayaw gagana pero conected naman po Siya hindi lang talaga maka Stream eh plz guys sana may makapag tulong saakin... :( yan po...
  37. J

    ehi Tu Promo Direct-SSH_Ehi/Hpi/Hnh-Singapore Server-Good for 30 Day's

    Yoow!!!Whatzup ulit guys?!!!Ito na lapag ulit ako ng back up Config Still kickin' Dating gawi Alalay sa pag gamit ng DATA para iwas BLOCKING kay SUN. Sg1-Sun-J@SFER(30'Day's).ehi Sg-Sun-J@SFER(30dAY'S).hpi Sg-Sun-J@SFER(30Day's).hnh SCREENSHOTS:
  38. J

    Ninja Raiden Revenge MOD APK Unlimited Money v1.4.3.Offline

    Ninja Raiden Revenge v1.4.3 + Mod In the legend spoke of Orochi, there was a demon described as an eight–headed snake with eight tails and a constantly bloody and inflamed body that extended over eight valleys and eight hills. For every 100 years, Orochi will revive and sow horror into the...
  39. J

    House of Fear MOD APK Unlimited Money v0.8.Offline

    House of Fear: Surviving Predator v0.8 + Mod Smart a lot? Try to solve three simple tasks. Kill, survive, escape! New quest in the style of horror. Find the exit, unravel the secret, escape the stalking darkness. Solve scary puzzles. Deeply immerse in the atmosphere of fear and mysteries...
  40. J

    Epic Conquest MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v5.6.Offline

    Epic Conquest v5.6 + Mod [Game Introduction] Challenge yourself in this exciting and fast-paced single-player Action RPG with intense combat! Choose between two playable characters with different playstyles, and save the world from destruction! Epic Conquest follows the basic tradition of ARPG...
  41. J

    ehi Tu promo Direct SSH Ehi/Hpi/hnh Singapore/India Server Good for 14 Day's

    Yow!!!Whatzup guys??? makapag share din muna habang di pa nakakatay samantalahin na yung pag kakataon habang connected pa sya update ko lang si TU Promo Dating gawi working to at subok na sa YôùTùbé,Download at Browsing pero alalay lang sa pag gamit ng DATA para iwas Blocking,yun lang guys sana...
  42. J

    Dawn Break Origin APK + OBB version 1.1.0 Offline

    Fight against your destiny. When the Day of Eclipses arrived, a dark shadow appeared, and from the sky, a mysterious lady descended. Extracted from the main storyline, the beginning of the epic fight, all story arose from here… ◎Extraordinary Action RPG, do you have enough control technique...
  43. J

    Dragon Quest 3 MOD APK Unlimited Money Android Game Offline

    DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation—one of the most highly acclaimed and best-selling games in the franchise is finally here for mobile! Now all three instalments of the Erdrick Trilogy can be played in the palm of your hand! Every wondrous weapon, spectacular spell and awesome adversary...
  44. J

    FINAL FANTASY IV APK Android Paid Game Latest Version 1.5.6 Mod Offline

    “FINAL FANTASY IV” has finally come to the Android! The title first debuted in 1991 as the fourth installment in the FINAL FANTASY series. Wildly popular thanks to its unique characters and dramatic storylines, it went on to be ported to many different platforms. FINAL FANTASY IV was the first...
  45. F


    Mga boss bakit baliktad ang profile ko sa ph jajjaja la ako na update nito auh...
  46. S

    Sun Ehi Ssl

  47. F

    Help Website

    Good evening mga boss,pwede pa bulong ng website nyo na pwede gawan ng sun ehi?salamat po.
  48. J

    ehil Tu Promo New Update_Direct_SSH_Ehi/Ktr/Hpi/hnh_Us*India*Singapore Server_Good for_(7/14'Day's)

    Whatzup guys???Ito na oras na naman ng pag babahagi pag katapos ng abirya kay sun tu promo nakagawa na din ako ng panibagong config.tulad ng dati Good for YôùTùbé,Browsing,Download not tested sa Online Games at Netflix kayo na lang bahalang sumubok.yun lang guys sana working to sainyo Have a...
  49. F

    Help How to share ehi file in sun

    Mga boss please patulong naman kong pano maka pag share ng ehi...?salamat po.
  50. F

    Help How post ehi file in sun

    Mga boss good afternoon,patulong naman paano ko po ma eshare ang nagawa kong ehi file sa sun?salamat po.