Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It is used for secure communication over a computer network, and is widely used on the Internet. In HTTPS, the communication protocol is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) or, formerly, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The protocol is therefore also referred to as HTTP over TLS, or HTTP over SSL.
The principal motivations for HTTPS are authentication of the accessed website, and protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data while in transit. It protects against man-in-the-middle attacks, and the bidirectional encryption of communications between a client and server protects the communications against eavesdropping and tampering. The authentication aspect of HTTPS requires a trusted third party to sign server-side digital certificates. This was historically an expensive operation, which meant fully authenticated HTTPS connections were usually found only on secured payment transaction services and other secured corporate information systems on the World Wide Web. In 2016, a campaign by the Electronic Frontier Foundation with the support of web browser developers led to the protocol becoming more prevalent. HTTPS is now used more often by web users than the original non-secure HTTP, primarily to protect page authenticity on all types of websites; secure accounts; and to keep user communications, identity, and web browsing private.

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    Help HTTPS vs HTTP vs without any of it

    Ano po pinagkaiba nung tatlong yan? kasi ung website na gnamit nung company namin wla https/ http. Alam ko hindi secure ang site na http. pero kung wala ung dalawang un hindi ko na alam.
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    DITO SAMAHAN NYO KO TIMPLAHAN TO [ bug Host ] Possible no Load | bypass promo | Free access site × HTTP & HTTPS TLS

    Hidden content after ko work birahin kona yan GwapoFreenet-TV ¥ MangBUBUTAS ¥ FOLLOW ME for more freenet all networks
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    Hidden content Globe TM - [ HTTP CUSTOM ] [ EZ DOWNLOAD ]IP HUNT x NOBLOCK [SG]
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    Help Paano gumamit ng https custom

    hello po, paano po gamitin yung https custom, ano yung mga steps?
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    Android App Iceraven - Browser na may extension. Tulad ng ablocker, https etc...

    Para sa mga gusto ng alternative browser. Link for download. Releases · fork-maintainers/iceraven-browser
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    Nov 3 - PHCorner HTTPS - Layer 7 DDOS attack - Total 2.05 billion request

    Ito na yata ang isa sa pinaka malakas na nakita ko since using Cloudflare :D. Salute kung sino ka man dyan na nagbabasa 🤠. 1st Attack started: 3:52 AM Peak request per second: 3.4 m/million Average request per second: 800 k/thousand Total: 844,780,000 https request 2nd Attack started: 4:50...
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    Help Https question

    pede po ba https sa iphone?
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    Tools Proksi

    Sa mga naghahanap ng proxy dyan, HTTP(S) man yan, SOCKS4 o SOCKS5, madali lang satin yan, dito ka humanap... HQ PROXY BOT search mo lang yan sa search bar ng **Tegelram at ii-start ang bot, may proxy ka na... [/CODE]
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    G·TM KPN Tunnel - Custom Payload + HTTPS Proxy Tutorial

    - Custom Payload + HTTPS Proxy only - No ssh account required - Fast reconnection - Can surf, stream & download Requirements: - KPN Tunnel Official/Ultimate - HTTPS Proxy (squid) Payload Sample: - More hosts? Click here to download the list of top domains. Proxy Hidden content...
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    Closed Openvpn Setup with SSL Supported | HTTPS | Fast Connect | Open Source | .ovpn | Secure Connection is here

    Ilalabas kona kung pano ko iconnect si openvpn na may ssl connection para secure tayo sa mga prying eyes 1. Punta kayo tcpvpn download niyo config at register at copy user/pass sa notepad 2. Download text editor sa google play gamit ko ngaun QuickEdit open mo EXAMPLE.OVPN copy niyo tong gawa...
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    Closed Installing ssl certificate using nginx (debian 7 wheezy)

    Good morning PHC Masters! Sana po ay matulungan niyo ako sa problema ko hehehe. May PositiveSSL Certificate po kasi ako galing comodo. Sayang naman kung hindi ko magagamit :o. May nareceive po ako na dalawang files Files Received: 1. example_com.crt 2. Ini-concatenate...
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    Closed How do i get free internet access from an isp free host that uses https

    Hi guys, please How do i get free internet access from an ISP free host that uses HTTPS. I really need your help on how to bypass the https so i can surf the net free...
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    Closed [pc] how to download torrents using proxifier with https proxy server settings/http proxy injector

    Maganda to para sa mga heavy users diyan, para mas humeavy pa, hehehe. Requirements: Proxifier (Installed man o Portable basta may nakaload na working na HTTPS proxy server sa settings/profile nya, daming nagkalat diyan. Meron nga pala ngayong bagong release na Proxifier v3.31 baka interesado...
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    Closed Try nyo ps ko v2.0

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    Closed HTtp injector

    nangyayari ba sa inyo to biglang walang na rereceive na data si injector kahit connected. lalo na kapag nanuod ka ng video.. default apn po.
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    Closed HTTPS Everywhere 2016.4.4

    HTTPS Everywhere 2016.4.4 Description HTTPS Everywhere is an extension for the Chrome browser, which ensures that your connection to certain websites* is accomplished over secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS). HTTPS Everywhere will automatically switch thousands of websites from...
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    Tutorial New Feature - All external Images are now being serve via Proxy

    This feature will serve external images embedded with BBCode in our Forum through a proxy mechanism (it does not store third party images as attachments). Block cøøkíé Stuffing Since images are served through our servers and cøøkíés are not relayed, malicious cøøkíé stuffing images are a...