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Hi-de-Hi! is
a BBC television sitcom shown on BBC1 from 1 January 1980 to 30 January 1988.Set in 1959 and 1960 in Maplins, a fictional holiday camp, the show was written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, who also wrote Dad's Army and It Ain't Half Hot Mum amongst other programmes. The title was the greeting the campers heard and in early episodes was written Hi de Hi. The series revolved around the lives of the camp's entertainers, most of whom were struggling actors and has-beens.Inspiration for the series were the experiences of Jimmy Perry, one of the programme's writers. After being demobilised from the Army, he was a Redcoat at Butlins in Filey and Pwllheli during the holiday season.The series gained large audiences and won a BAFTA as Best Comedy Series in 1984. In a 2008 poll on Channel 4, Hi-de-Hi! was voted the 35th most popular comedy catchphrase. In 2014, Jimmy Perry confirmed that Hi-de-Hi! would be repeated, and it began a rerun on 2 February 2015 on BBC Two as part of Afternoon Classics, alongside 'Allo 'Allo!, To the Manor Born and Open All Hours.

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  1. M

    Hi all

    hey all new here intersted in making cabal server if wonnt collaborate please pm and lets get to work have a good day all
  2. S

    Closed Opera mini links please :d

    Give Me List Of Opera mini Servers
  3. I

    Closed Newbie

    Hello po sa inyo
  4. M

    Closed Patulong po

    Pahelp naman guys penge naman ako ng ihi or data file para s globe ung dpo bumibitaw ska low ping salamat globe user po ako at newbie, thanks pang games po thanks
  5. W

    Closed New member

    hi to you all i'm just new to this forum. i hope i enjoy my stay here thanks :)
  6. A

    Closed Hello forums!

    Hi im akalanka, im student and i want to learn something about reverse engineering and häçking.so i think this forum is good for my thinks. Thanks :):):)
  7. B

    Closed Mr bart

    Im Bart of CDO loyal and trustworthy
  8. B

    Closed Other source

    san pa po bang apps na pwede makakuha ng mb bukod ky gs????
  9. J

    Closed Hi 32 m here

    Kindly welcome me. Im a newbies
  10. O

    Closed [2018-03-05 11:13:52] running on oppo a33fw (msm8916) oppo, android api 22 [2018-03-05 11:13:52] app

    [2018-03-05 11:13:52] Running on OPPO A33fw (msm8916) OPPO, Android API 22 [2018-03-05 11:13:52] Application version: 4.3.0 Build 73 [2018-03-05 11:14:11] <strong>Tunnel Type</strong> Proxy ➔ SSH (Custom Payload) [2018-03-05 11:14:11] <strong>Using VPN Service</strong> [2018-03-05 11:14:11]...
  11. X

    Closed Patulong naman po smart po payload tnx

    Smart payload , pahingi naman mga boss.tnx
  12. S

    Closed Pa help mga ka phc pls for tnt bypass 200mb capping pls

    paano mag bypass mga ka phc ng tnt 200mb cap pls share nyo naman sakin..... wala akong pang established pls help me?
  13. R

    Closed How?

    ano pong magandang game sa android na offline?
  14. B

    Closed Hello po sa lahat

    _______Good Day to All________
  15. J

    Closed Goodmorning

    Thank you s pg approved skin dito.
  16. O

    Closed #closed

    Pasensya n hindi ko Alan Na repost sorry
  17. S

    Closed Hi

  18. J

    Closed ⚡level 4⚡

    para sa d mkakita 65025 aes-256-cfb jaineSSk yan muna. sulit yan sa plaging nag pupuyat.
  19. D

    Closed ⚡⚡⚡my lightning,lowping vip ehi (smart/globe)⚡⚡⚡

    NEWBIE lang po wag nyo namn sanang i hit and run kaht highrank na kayo respect namn , salamat Lightning VIP globe https://dropmb.com/download/68288e52708a34f82bf9099227a9b835.html Lightning Vip smart https://dropmb.com/filesgroup/3e616dbc7f8839090c4d037eef476ec3.html Lowping yan kahit...
  20. D

    Closed ⚡⚡⚡flaming ktcu lowping, 25-85 mbps⚡⚡

    NEWBIE lang po wag nyo namn sanang i hit and run kaht highrank na kayo respect namn , salamat https://dropmb.com/download/182cddedef04a7a03833e1af800cea8d.html Sa settings Check ssh TUNNEL Tap ssh tunnel Sa connection at advance check nyo lang lahat ng andun Andito po ang proof↓ 3g lang...
  21. S

    Closed Ifont

    https://m.apkpure.com/ifont-expert-of-fonts/com.kapp.ifont The description of iFont(Expert of Fonts) The best Font Installer on Android is Coming back! The app is designed to install beautiful fonts on your phone. You can download and use hundreds of fonts to make your phone become lovely. It...
  22. Z

    Closed Prx

    Bosz gud eve ask lng wala nb tlga prx ngun
  23. 2

    Closed Help

  24. G

    Closed Galing nyo ehi makers! lufeet..

    Guys keep on sharing lang. magka established din ako.
  25. D

    Closed Hi :)

    Im new member here
  26. C

    Closed Help lifetime ehi

    Miron pa po bang lifetime ehi ngayong?
  27. J

    Closed Pano ba paganahin ang shadowsocks?

    Help po.. Pano ba paganahin ang shadowsocks without capping?
  28. O

    Closed Good evening

    Hi po
  29. P

    Closed Ps smart pm me pls mga master

  30. X

    Closed Hi ngaun lang nakabalik after a month b

    kamusta na kayo guys ? d na pala ako established :( anu na po bago ? injector pa din ba ? share naman kung wat bago para may idea ako wat bago ko pag aaralan . salamat
  31. S

    Closed Sg remote proxy 200 status
  32. K

    Closed How

    paano po mging spoiler
  33. K

    Closed How

    paano po mging spoiler
  34. P

    Closed It's good to be back

    . .hello mga ka phc. .matagal tagal na rin ako hindi nakavisit dito nasira kc phone ko. .i miss u all so much. .sa lahat ng mga followers ko. .hindi muna ako makakagawa ng mga ehi files ngayon kc back to school na at temporary phone ko lang to. .talagang nalungkot ako
  35. M

    Closed Hi all im marcjustine from bulacan

    Im 34 years old may asawa at 3kids sorry poh kung ndi poh ako nakapag pakilala agad nalilito pa poh kc ako sa site at magang araw poh sa lahat. F my gusto pa poh kayong itanung tungkol sa akin mag tanung lang poh kayo free poh ako sagutin lahat tnx poh
  36. M

    Closed Hi all

    Guys I'm new and willing to learn and share my ideas. Salamat :-)
  37. K

    Closed Pa tulong naman po mga idol.

    san po nakakadownload ng shadowsock pang pc pahingi nga po ng link sana may pumansin.
  38. G

    Closed New

    Hi po ako si Geviemar taga mindanao.. Tnks po sa pag accept dito..
  39. E

    Closed Hi

  40. B

    Closed Anu po ang pwedeng gamitin na apps sa laptop para sa free internet? ? ?

    Anu po ang pwedeng gamitin na apps sa laptop para sa free internet? ? ? Ang alam ko kasi mer0n pe ehh! Salamat p0 sa makakasag0t :) :)
  41. P

    Closed Hi

    Hi po TanuNg laNg po aNu Po anG magandaNg tooL para Pampa Stable nang ConnEction??Meron ba Nun??
  42. D

    Closed Pano po gumawa ng postern config

    Hi po gusto ko sna magpaturo kung pno gumawa ng config for postern pls
  43. B

    Closed It's me

    Hi, I am Benjoe..You can call me as Bench.I am 24 years of age, and residing at Region V.
  44. L

    Closed Pldt wifi default ****

  45. K

    Closed Hi

  46. M

    Closed Hi po sa inyo :d

    new member po :D
  47. F

    Closed Hi, i'am mark - jane (my gf name :-) )

    Hi, guys my fit friend suggest this group so nag join ako :-) nag hahanap kasi ako ng CC photoshop and Video editing app, sinend nya ang link ng group the he told me to join here, marami daw ako matutunan dito and magiging friends specially sa field as a photographer and videographer :-) thanks...
  48. K

    Closed Status 503

    nakagawa po ako ng ehi sa http injector status 503 po sya dn connected..maganda po buh ang status 503 kaysa 302?
  49. K

    Closed Http injector

    panu malalaman mga paps kng ilan na ung recievce at sent data mo sa http injector.
  50. R

    Closed Hi guys


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