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Hi-Nella is a borough in Camden County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the borough's population was 870, reflecting a decline of 159 (−15.5%) from the 1,029 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn declined by 16 (−1.5%) from the 1,045 counted in the 1990 Census. The borough is the state's ninth-smallest municipality.The Borough of Hi-Nella was created on April 23, 1929, from portions of Clementon Township, as one of seven municipalities created from the now-defunct township, and one of five new municipalities (joining Lindenwold, Pine Hill, Pine Valley and Somerdale) created on that same date. The borough's name is traditionally said to derive from a Native American term meaning "high rolling knoll" or "high ground", though it may have been named for Nella, the wife of Lucious Parker, who developed Hi-Nella Estates in the late 1920s.The Star-Ledger included Hi-Nella in its 2010 series of articles covering "Towns that Shouldn't Exist", citing the borough's small area, population and staff, along with its use of a double-wide trailer as a municipal building. Mayor Meredith Dobbs told The Star-Ledger that efforts to force the borough to consolidate with its neighbors would be "declared dead on arrival".The borough had the fifth-highest property tax rate in New Jersey, with an equalized rate of 5.306% in 2020, compared to 3.470% in the county as a whole and a statewide average of 2.279%.

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    Closed Hello

    Welcome sa akin . Daming mga master pala dito
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    Archive Ros new update arigin cit ros 2.0 part 2

    IMPORTANT For How to USE Cheat! 1. Drag file "exe" on destop 2. TURN OFF/Disabled all Antivirus, windows defender and anymore 3. Open Cheat -> use RIGHT CLICK - Run As Administrator! Be careful speed, jump, Aimbot, Grave, Walltroght = easly Report ! REPORT = BANED and better if you got 1 kill =...
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    Closed Hello forums!

    Hi im akalanka, im student and i want to learn something about reverse engineering and häçking.so i think this forum is good for my thinks. Thanks :):):)
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    Closed Hi po komosta

    kumosta po kau:)
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    Closed Begener lang aq baka mali ang post ko sana hindi niyo ako e bann

    Very slow ako sa inglish kaunti lang ang alam ko kahit mag massage ako dito at mag post Hindi ako maronung Hindi ko nga alam Kong tama ang post ko bagohan lang ako sa cellphone probinseya kasi ..gosto Kong matoto toroan niyo ako gosto ko maka free internet gosto Kong madagdagan ang kaalaman...
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    Closed Buster

    Big thanks to member for ph.corner Plss paturo po sa unlimited internet
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    Closed Please help me

    Please help me :( to make payload HI, i have problem
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    Closed Wala nabang pag asa ang bro.

    Kasi wala na akong files.
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    Game crossfire

    CROSSFIRE MOBILE Status: Offline Size: 98MB Link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/4u4dpe62ke7y1rd/ Tested: 512RAM / QUADCORE 1.2GHZ Device: MyPhone_My28S Test to sawa
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    Closed Newbie

    Hi hello im newbie here
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    Closed Http injector

    anyare kay injector hindi na sia ma start
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    Closed Hi guys new config lakas

    hi guys it config lakas
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    Closed Rp ALIVE: True GET: True POST: True CONNECT: True STREAMING: True PROXY: True DATING: True TRANSPARENCY: Transparent SPEED: 11.57 Kbps
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    Closed Hi guys

    Hi guys im newbie in here, hehehe sana maka meet po ako ng new friends dito
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    Closed Pno madownload bsi po...

    Pno madownload BSI po...
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    Closed Hi po

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    Closed Tnt user

    Mga boss gumagana pa ba ang m.google.com ninyo?
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    Closed Hi

    Hi to all
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    Closed Please read

    Good afternoon PHC. sa mga tinatamad mag register ng ssh account server nlng no http ingjector gamitin no siguradong coconect pa. gamitin nyong payload m.google.com ;) #shareIT
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    Closed Good evening

    buti di ako na nood ng miss.u nsaktan n naman sana ako
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    Closed Hi

    pa add po sa f.b mema lang..
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    Closed Request po ng smartbro kick start hpi.

    Mga Sir pa Request po ng Smartbro Kick start HPI.
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    #hi im raine a mother of 4 child

    hi my name is raine i live in antipolo city
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    Closed How to make hpi and ihs mgc

    Paturo naman mga boss oh. Salamt po ng marami
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    Closed Unlocking any huawei pocket wifi

    Unlocking any huawei pocket wifi ...bigay nyu lang model at imei ng pocket wifi nyu ..try natin e openline yan ..
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    Closed Meron freenet si globe/tm ngayun

    Guys connected ako kahit walang load TM user ako default gamut ko visayas area ..injector gamet ko ..PM ko kayu as files Kong OK ba talga ...
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    Closed Pasok :)

    Guys pa hinge naman ehi mgc lifetime ty in advance ...
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    Closed Gud morning phc

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    Closed New members

    magandang hapon sa inyo
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    Closed Pasok

    Try this go.smart.com.pH or go.smartads.com.pH
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    Closed Payload default tm

    Try nyo to guys baka gumana.. Globe.mymusic.ph try nyo lang wala naman mawawala sa inyo Kong d gumana hehhh
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    Closed Asok po kayo saglit

    Pa link po ng new Xp psiphon pls kaphc..
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    Closed Guys try nyo to ..intence

    Ito po gamit ko isang taon konato ginagamit ..OK namn po sya ..try nyo nalang bakasakali magustohan nyu ..share kolang setting ko..any po n hundle pwede tong settings ..mas magadan po intence hundler gamitin nyo..hanap nyu naang intence hunlader as threads ng in heehhehe
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    Closed Wala na libre data c smart ..

    Wala na libre data c smart ..dbna gumagana c trams ..dumaguete area...
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    Closed Ehi. .try nyo nalng newbie here .

    No need load ...OK na sakin kahit wala like or whatever basta masaya kayu masaya narin ako..
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    Closed Buti pa yung group sa facebook meron na sila proxy for tnt :-( naunahan pa ata tayo haha

    kawawa namn tayo. papm ng proxy please for psiphon
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    Closed Hi

    Am from ethiopia
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    Closed Hello

  39. P


    Sinong Present mga ka troopa! :)
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    Closed Hello

    Hello sa lahat
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    Closed hi phcorner

    hi po sa lahat ng online.
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    Closed Free Internet Wifi globe

    Hi guys pano po free mb sa globe wifi po . mabilis kc maubos mb ko sa gs50 pwede ba un maextend ung maparami po data nya.pahelp po
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    Closed Elow

    Hi poh sa inyo mgandang araw
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    Closed Hi mga kaPH

    Hi mga kaPH:p:p:p
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    Closed Smart bro pocket wifi

    Meron po bang free internet sa smart pocket wifi using vpn .? TIA
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    Closed Hello sa atin mga Newbie :)

    Magandang Gabi po sa inyo :)