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    Sun Update ktr tayo mainit bagong bago

    Update muna ako mga repa New update Sensya na yan na muna inaantok nako eh
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    One year/ehi

    Mga paps!!! And2 na uli ako⭐bagong gawa 1 year ehi!!! READ THIS!!! Rooted/ or not pwede✔️ s†rêâmïng✔️ Games online✔️ Downloading✔️ YøùTùbé✔️ Facebook✔️ With out load mobile data pwede✔️ ________Leave A Like________ DOWNLOAD HERE:
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    Closed Globe Wimax BM622i (2011) Enable Telnet

    This is how to Enable Telnet of Bm622i (2011) First : Log in as Admin in User:admin password:________ (Dapat alam mo kung pano makuha password , dami tuts jan heheh) Second : Go to Advanced >Firewall Third : Change Firewall Level Low to Custom (choose your desired name para sa...
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    :sneaky: ano bang ilalagay dito, hehehe.. welcome sakin..