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A virtual globe is a three-dimensional (3D) software model or representation of Earth or another world. A virtual globe provides the user with the ability to freely move around in the virtual environment by changing the viewing angle and position. Compared to a conventional globe, virtual globes have the additional capability of representing many different views of the surface of Earth. These views may be of geographical features, man-made features such as roads and buildings, or abstract representations of demographic quantities such as population.
On November 20, 1997, Microsoft released an offline virtual globe in the form of Encarta Virtual Globe 98, followed by Cosmi's 3D World Atlas in 1999. The first widely publicized online virtual globes were NASA WorldWind (released in mid-2004) and Google Earth (mid-2005).

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    Globe free?

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    Help HELP Globe free internet

    baka po may tricks kayo para magkaroon ng free internet da Globe,wala kasi kami wifi sa bahay need ng anak ko sa school TIA
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    G·TM Globe free 1 day unli internet [UPDATE]

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    Closed Legit kaya to?

    Legit kaya to? dami ko talagang nakikita sa Facebook neto e
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    Closed Globe free internet

    Good afternoon mga kasama. ask ko lang po kung bat may pa free internet si globe ngayon. bug lang ba ito or free talaga?
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    Closed Working trick for s40 phones, and 100% sure to Nokia C1-01

    Guys, ito share ko lang, working tricks para sa mga globe user, 100% working po ito, kasi ito din ang tricks na gamit ko sa pag post ng thread na to, FIRST THINGS TO HAVE is Opera mini handler, any version pwede., pag na install na ng maayos ang opera mini, paki download yung attachment sa baba...

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