Gingerbread refers to a broad category of baked goods, typically flavored with ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon and sweetened with honey, sugar, or molasses. Gingerbread foods vary, ranging from a soft, moist loaf cake to forms nearly as crisp as a ginger snap.

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    Closed Help please!

    May freenet po ba para sa gingerbread version ng android? Thanks po sa sasagot sana matulungan nyo ko :(
  2. C

    Closed Gingerbread users here?

    Hello mga Ka-PHC... Gingerbread Users, pa-up nman ng mga files ng apps lam nyo like... Apps Games Tools Files Ako marami akong mga files, mag-a up din ako dito... Share share din po tayo... :):):):)
  3. F

    Closed Rooting sgy s5360

    Rooting SGY S5360 DOWNLOADS PROCEDURE • Put the in the root of your sdcard (/mnt/sdcard/here). • Turn Off your phone then boot into recovery (Vol Up + Home + Power). Press and hold it and release power when boot logo shows but still hold the other two buttons. • Now on...
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    Closed New lang, pa help

    Hello Guys. New HeRe ,hiNdi kO maKitA unG mgA pOst na real anSwer.. Pano n to.
  5. C

    Closed Pa help

    mga ka ph pa help not working po tunnel whole device ni Psiphon sa android ko.. Samsung Galaxy y gt s5360 gingerbread naghahanap po ng net filter error lagi..thanks in advance
  6. M

    Closed coc for gingerbread?

    possible po ba na pwede ang coc sa gingerbread os? if pwede po, pashare naman ng pwede idownload or tutorial po.. thank you
  7. D

    Pa help po convert yung gt-i9000 gingerbread.zsjw4

    pa help naman po kung meron dyan may alam kung paano i.update yung gingerbread to jelly bean. -Maraming salamat

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