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Google Free Zone was a global initiative undertaken by the Internet company Google in collaboration with mobile phone-based Internet providers, whereby the providers waive data (bandwidth) charges (also known as zero-rate) for accessing select Google products such as Google Search, Gmail, and Google+. In order to use this service, users were required to have a Google account and a phone that had access to an internet connection.

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    Closed Slow loading Kahit free Data?

    Mindanao area po, hindi ba humina signal nyo sa GTM kahit free data sa fb?
  2. 20190918_201148.png


    Thanks globibo!
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    Closed Globe only.sayang din ito

    Don't miss out on your FREE 700MB of mobile data valid for 3 days! Simply text SURFNOW to 8080 until 02/16/2019 to avail. This is a free advisory. SURFNOW send to 8080
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    Closed Aksidente ba o may paliwanag kung paano at bakit?

    share ko lang ha' hindi ko kasi alam kung anong nangyari sa data balance ko ubos na pag nagbalance ako, pero may internet connection pa rin ako at ang bilis pa' ang malupit pa wala akong gamit na VPN or any tricks, ito naman latest data balance ko nakakaumay/sawa na ako magdownload,
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    Closed Globe free data

    Tips or tricks naman po para sa globe free data or panu po makatipid.
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    Closed Free facebook and messenger not working on free data

    Help po. Globe prepaid gamit ko. Hindi ko magamit yung messenger, nag sstay lang sya sa "connecting" at hindi din ako makagamit ng free Facebook sa browser. Pero pag lumilipat ako ng ibang account sa messenger, nagagamit ko naman sya ng maayos. Triny ko ulit bumalik sa sarili kong account pero...
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    Closed How to surf and stream online with very minimal data consumption?

    Please help on how i can save my data. I am a heavy user. I do stream alot. I want to know how i can stream with very minimal data usage. Nd if possoble free internet for streaming. Please help. Thank you.
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    Closed Vpn for globe kau na bahala mag lagay ng templa

    Pang pc lamg po basahin nyo na lang nasa link mabilid no load sya sa globe wifi tatoo
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    Closed Psiphon82HandlerUI

    Paano po ba i-unlock ang Psiphon82HandlerUI? Bago lang po ako dito, thanks!
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    Closed globe free pocket wifi internet

    Mga boss pden pa tutor naman. Laki na kasi gastos ko sa araw-araw na net. Paano magkaroon ng free data ang pocket wifi ko? 4G na to. Yung walang ida-download sanang application. Pero kung kinakailangan, pwedeng step-by- step yung instruction. Thanks and God Bless Sa ating Lahat :)
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    guys panu magkaroon ng free data connection sa globe. thanks

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