A countdown is a sequence of backward counting to indicate the time remaining before an event is scheduled to occur. NASA commonly employs the terms "L-minus" and "T-minus" during the preparation for and anticipation of a rocket launch, and even "E-minus" for events that involve spacecraft that are already in space, where the "T" could stand for "Test" or "Time", and the "E" stands for "Encounter", as with a comet or some other space object. Other events for which countdowns are commonly used include the detonation of an explosive, the start of a race, the start of the New Year, or any anxiously anticipated event. An early use of a countdown once signaled the start of a Cambridge University rowing race. One of the first known associations with rockets was in the 1929 German science fiction movie Frau im Mond (English: Woman in the Moon) written by Thea von Harbou and directed by Fritz Lang in an attempt to increase the drama of the launch sequence of the story's lunar-bound rocket.

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    Help PC TIMER or CountDOwn then Lock on Screen

    GUys pa help po ako, meron po ba kayong alam na pang lock ng pc after ng timer or countdown parang sa mga netshop? para sana sa anakis ko hehehe salamat po
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    Crypto mag airdrop ba tlga?? daw mag airdrop sa mga may Ethereum Wallet Address sa halgang 0.1eth? totoo ba to? 19 hours na lng countdown magrereward na cla, sana totoo to.
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    Closed Phc eyeball countdown

    34 days to go ready na ba kayo? Ako excited na haha malay niyo sa araw nayan diyan may magshe'share ng mga files na matagal niyo na kailangan at makikita niyo din yung mga iniidolo niyong tao dito sa forum :) Para sa mga di pa nakakaalam about dito punta kayo sa thread ni master Dora The...
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    Closed July 27 2017..

    Countdown to 103rd anniversary ... July 27,2017
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    Help Christmas Countdown

    May Ganyan Tayo Noon Christmas at New Year Countdown ,meron din kaya ngayun ?? Sir Draft i Suggest kung pwdi lang po naman ,maibabalik kaya o magkakaroun ulit ng countdown para sa Christmas at New Year ? :)